If you're looking for something to give your coffee-loving, "Gilmore Girls"-watching best friend, you have come to the right place. "Gilmore Girls" has a loyal fan base that has inspired plenty of gift-giving options. Whether your friends are true Gilmores and drink coffee by the gallons or are a little more like Kirk and love a good t-shirt, there is the right gift out there for them.

1. A box set of every season of the series

Sure every episode is currently on Netflix, but sometimes it's just nice to own a set of your favorite TV show yourself. Plus if you own it, you never have to fear Netflix removing it. With all that said, box sets of just about any show can be quite pricey. This is definitely not the gift you want to invest in if you are on a budget.

2. A Luke's diner mug

You can almost never go wrong with a mug as a gift. Even if the receiver doesn't drink a ton of coffee, mugs make for a great desk accessory. Plus, any true Lorelai Gilmore fan more than likely likes coffee at least a little bit, so it is a pretty safe bet as far as gifts go.

3. An in omnia paratus poster

Paying homage to Rory's Yale days is a must. Rory's entrance into the super secret club at Yale was an episode to be remembered. Posters of the momentous occasion can be found all over the internet and make a great gift for any wannabe Gilmore. While some of the other gifts on this list are a little pricey, posters tend to run pretty reasonably and make a great gift that is sure to be cherished by its receiver.

4. A Gilmore Girls laptop sticker

Laptop stickers are incredibly popular at the moment, meaning that more than likely your "Gilmore Girls"-loving friends are probably already hoping to add to their collection anyway. There are some really great options available online that true fans of the show are sure to enjoy.

5. A Gilmore Girls inspired bookmark

If your friend is anything like Rory and has a collection of books that would put some libraries to shame, a bookmark might be an appropriate gift. As an avid reader myself, I am constantly on the hunt for cute bookmarks (mostly because I am constantly losing them) and get really excited when I find a bookmark that represents something that I love. Bookmarks make a great stocking stuffer or small gift for any bibliophile.

6. A Stars Hollow town T-shirt

If you are on the hunt for a gift that is a little more useful, look no further than a Stars Hollow T-shirt. T-shirts make great gifts, but are probably best reserved for people you know a little better as it would be super disappointing to gift them the wrong size. With all that said, a t-shirt is the perfect gift for any true "Gilmore Girls" fan and is reminiscent of all of the funny T-shirts Kirk makes throughout the series.

7. A Gilmore Girls inspired candle 

If your friend loves "Gilmore Girls" and candles, this is the gift for them. Etsy sells a whole array of different candles inspired by the series. From coffee to Rory's library, you can find just about anything that might make you think of the Gilmores.

8. A Dragonfly Inn inspired keychain

Watching Lorelai open her own inn was a momentous occasion in "Gilmore Girls" history that deserves to be honored. I think that the idea of a hotel keychain as a gift is the perfect way to do so. Once again this item is budget-friendly and perfect for any "Gilmore Girls" fan on your Christmas list this year.

With the holidays drawing near, hopefully, something on the list above will spark inspiration for the perfect gift for someone on your list this year.