Get Rewarded For Going To Class

Probably one of the biggest issues for college students today is going to class. Some professors combat this issue by making attendance mandatory and part of students final grades. But, what if students could get paid to go to class instead of it being a grade? Well, the app Pocket Points is the closest thing today. This app gives you free stuff for being in class and staying off your phone.

I heard about the app from one of my professors last year, he actually gave extra credit if you downloaded the app. Pocket Points works by using a phone’s Bluetooth to register that the student is on campus and in an academic building, after that, the student simply locks their phone while leaving the app open. A student will receive points for every hour they are off of their phone in class. These points are then used to receive things either online or in the local college town.

While the points don’t always equal completely free stuff, online students can use codes to get 20-50% off entire purchase and free shipping. Some of the most popular places to use points at The University of Alabama are Chick-fil-a, Panda Express, Which Which, and Tropical Smoothie.
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