Last Week Was A Rollercoaster And It's Okay To Not Feel Okay
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Last Week Was A Rollercoaster And It's Okay To Not Feel Okay

Millenials and Gen Z have every right to be upset.


A few hours ago I had a small argument with my mom that had me thinking how very different both of our generations are. And it's not even like our generation gap is huge (if she was born a few years later, she would be considered a millennial) to the point that is differing opinions are to the extreme, but there are subtle differences that have me thinking hmm okay, that's not even close to where my thoughts were going with this.

To cut this short, the whole reason we were arguing started when I mentioned a memory I had from when I was a kid of hanging Christmas lights around my room and having her instantly say they look horrible and to take them down.

"I'm just wondering, why didn't you just help me think of some new decorations to hang up for the holidays," I told her laughing, 'cause yea at the time I remember feeling sad about it but honestly no big deal now.

And she kind of paused, and instead of giving me an answer, she decided to lecture me about it, which is not an entirely surprising move coming from a parent.

"I just don't see why you're focusing on all the negative aspects of your memories right now; even if someone's done you've wrong, you have to learn to forget about it."

Which okay, not the worst thing you can say but with the political climate going on right now, the frequent shootings and the constant reminder that climate change is an actual terrifying factor in our demise, I was kind of offended.

As Millenials and Gen Z, I think the constant feeling that we have right now is panic. Mixed in with bitterness. And we can't really forget about all the mistakes past generations have done since it's currently affecting us right now.

And no matter how many people complain that Millenials and Gen Z are crybabies and SJWs, then can I just say that these people are the reason done of the issues of today can be resolved? The week before were the midterm elections with even more division within major US parties with Democrats taking the House and Republicans the Senate. The day after Jeff Sessions the former Attorney General "resigned" after urging from President Trump. That same day Jim Acosta after aggravating Trump by merely asking him reasonable questions, has had his White House press credential suspended. Ruth Bader Ginsburg broke 3 ribs and had to be hospitalized. The next day Thousand Oaks joined the ranks of the >300 mass shooting that have occurred in the US in this year alone. Later that day Thousand Oaks and other Southern California areas were subjected to wildfires that had many evacuating from their homes, becoming the deadliest wildfire that has hit California reaching a death toll of 42 as of now.

It may seem terrible right now, but it is subjected to get worse each year. Especially in the divided state that our nation and community is right now.

I'm constantly saying 'Oh we're all going to die in 2030' as a joke but at the same time bitterly and with so much resentment because it feels like there's so little that I can do right now. I, as well as many Millenials and Gen Z people right now, should not be having to worry about this right now-- worrying about whether the next day our friends or family are going to die from gun violence; or how climate change is affecting our health and well-being; or no matter how many marches, protests, and community outrage there is to so many prejudice beliefs that seem to be increasing.

Although Gen Z and Millenials are the leaders of the next generation, how can these current 'leaders' find it okay to bestow us a society almost too broken to repair? When they seem to be offering no solutions to any of the issues that they have created?

That is the problem with this older generation. Unless there's is incredible public outrage, especially if it somehow affects their career, then there is no way that there will be any resolution to it. Instead, they look to the younger generations to blame; give them the steering wheel without any guidance on where they are headed.

So yes, this younger generation has the right to not forget all of the mistakes and wrongdoings the older generation has made. We should not be shamed for wanting to create change, to stand up for minority rights and ridicule the older generation for not fixing their mistakes, to letting ignorant beliefs go by without consequences. They should be the generation that should be ashamed.

Our current age is rollercoaster of politics and civil rights and we have every right to be upset about it.

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