Gendered Shampoos And Body Washes Are the Norm, But I Still Use Both
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Shampoos And Body Washes Are Gendered By Society, But I Use Both

Labeling shampoos and body washes is almost as meaningless as labeling clothing because neither have a gender, but society has constantly proven otherwise with the labeled body washes such as "Just for Men" or "Just for Her" as though only one gender can use their products.

Shampoos And Body Washes Are Gendered By Society, But I Use Both

One side of Target or Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond and you are bound to find yourself within the "male" or the "female" category of cleansers, body washes, shampoos and anything else you may want while taking a shower. But, as nonbinary I use both "male" and "female" body washes, shampoos, and cleansers and this is why.

My Skin Type

Testosterone has caused so much harm to my skin. I have more acne than I had previously had during my pubescent teenage years. Yes, I expected the breakouts, but the acne that my skin has developed is much more below the surface and painful than once before. Too, my skin has remained constantly dry. Now, this article is not about the remedies and cleansers I use for my hormonal and testosterone related acne, but since taking my shots, it has caused changes in my skin. More so, I have noticed an irritation with most scents from body washes. Rather, more so the "male" body washes than the "females."

And on a side note putting quotations around "male" and "female" gets really old, but to me I do not like defining a body wash as a gender because that sounds dumb, just as clothes are assigned a gender. Gender is fluid.

Mixing Gendered Body Washes

So, recently I found myself switching back from the "male" body washes such as Dove for Men, Axe, and Old Spice to the "female" body washes. Sure, I like the distinct "manly-man" smell, but I also admire the pure warm scent that some "female" body washes leave on your skin. While I still use "male" deodorant due to the sensitivity of my skin with past "female deodorant", I have found myself switching up my body washes. Some days I will use my Dove for Men body wash whereas other days I will use my Ogx Coconut Miracle body wash. Yes, I had to include the entire name and the link to go along with it, because it truly is feather-light upon your skin. Too, it smells so good and leaves my skin feeling like a babies booty.

Honestly, it depends on the day and how I am feeling. Much like when I look in the mirror, I too look at the body washes to determine what I would like to smell like for the day. This may seem odd or remotely dumb, but as I do not like labels, I find it somewhat refreshing that I can have the best of both. Suppose I choose the more "female-like" body wash, but then use my "male" deodorant to construct the two binary smells. I then I feel as though I am the best of both gendered humans or better yet, just a human.


So, if I have lost you at this point, just know that I do not prefer one scent over the other. I like both "male" and "female" body washes as well as shampoos. It just so happens that I like my recently found Ogx collection more so than my Dove for Men or Axe body washes. Thus, I also use Ogx Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo to wind down my long locks. (Yes, I am trying to grow out my hair once again, but this too shall pass).

However, I do not use "female" perfumes. I do like my "male" cologne and I will not state what I use because being told I smell good is one of my favorites. Thus, I do not need other individuals using the same cologne as I do because in a way I stand out just as I do as nonbinary, transgender queer.

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