Astrology's Rebounding Popularity Shows A Generation's Need For Meaning

Astrology's Rebounding Popularity Highlights A Generation's Need For Answers And Meaning

What makes this so different from the past few decades is that people are no longer treating astrology like a fun game at the breakfast table. It is now a driving factor in choosing a partner or making any major life decisions for that matter.


If you haven't heard about the craze, then you probably don't even know your star sign. Astrology, the study of planets and stars and how their positions affect one's life, has risen to popularity among millennials and gen Z-ers. What makes this so different from the past few decades is that people are no longer treating astrology like a fun game at the breakfast table. It is now a driving factor in choosing a partner or making any major life decisions for that matter.

The popularity of astrology is a sign of a bigger economic, unemployment crisis

Experts say this is due to the high levels of uncertainty found in our generation. When you think about it, it makes sense. Millennials entered a job market during a recession, and gen Z-ers are unlikely to ever pay off their student loans. Sources of steady income, reliable careers, and jobs are decreasing rapidly in the present-day, which in turn makes us less trustworthy of traditional approaches to life (this stresses me out as a Capricorn, seriously though). The cookie-cutter "go to college, get a job, work your way up" path does not guarantee stability nor success.

Therefore, astrology is a comforting haven to find answers when no one in the real world has one for you.

Sometimes, we need to feel unique and understood

While be characterized into one of the twelve western zodiac signs is not unique by any means, one's natal chart based on the exact time and location of their birth creates a specific outline of their personality and life. The natal chart technique has been used to analyze well-known historical figures as well as current politicians. What everyone loves about this is being understood and being accepted for your quirks. Thus, you feel like some greater power (the universe) is in on your secret… you're not alone either. Millennials and gen Z-ers are less religious than previous generations but are more spiritual.

Astrology is a less demanding form of spirituality and has little affiliation to religion

This attracts the youth since we don't have to obey customs and traditions that don't suit us, but rather we can enjoy the perks of a personal, private journey. We can also engage in astrology as much or as little as we want to, and no one else really cares. Though they might not understand the astrological jargon at first. This kind of independence and peace is a huge selling point in a world that is constantly at war over both religion and politics.

Astrology is a great way to break the tension, get to know more about yourself and your friends. It's your choice to believe what you want, and that's totally okay. It's no longer a blurb on the newspaper but has instead shed clarity on our society.

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