How Garlic Bread Memes Is The Most Successful Facebook Meme Page of All Time
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How Garlic Bread Memes Is The Most Successful Facebook Meme Page of All Time

Fresh Memes With a Tasty Twist

How Garlic Bread Memes Is The Most Successful Facebook Meme Page of All Time
Garlic Bread Memes

Like a lot of college students, I spend a good amount of time on social media. It seems I'm always checking for new updates or notifications, liking and commenting, or of course, browsing memes. I follow about 500 different meme pages on Facebook, but one in particular has really stuck out to me: Garlic Bread Memes. I've followed this page for about 6 months now and it has recently gained a little over 100,000 likes. Why is it so popular? Because it takes two of the greatest things known to man, garlic bread and memes, and combines them into one.

The great thing about this page is that it doesn't stick to just one specific type of meme; it uses iconic, well-known memes such as the popular Drake videos.

Posted by Garlic Bread Memes on Saturday, October 24, 2015

There are so many different styles and types of memes that the page uses which helps add a lot of variety and keeps the memes fresh—exactly what is promised in the page's description:

Do you like Garlic bread?
Is your sense of humor similar to that of an inbred?
If so get ready for some fresh out of the oven Garlic bread memes

And, as promised, that is exactly what you get.

What I think has really sparked the page's rapid growth and increasing fan base is it's randomness. More and more in today's society people strive to be random. Being unique and different is embraced and one great way to do that is by being random. Of all the things to make memes about, someone decided on garlic bread, one of the most random memes that could possibly exist. Yet, as random of an idea as this is, it is relatable for almost everyone. Well-known cultural aspects such as Disney princesses help tie garlic bread into familiar themes in our society, making the memes both random and relevant.

But wait, there's more. The top key to this page's success might not even be the memes, no matter how great they are.

The real key is this page's fan interaction. They reply to messages from fans rather quickly and have a lot of interaction, making fans like myself feel more important: Garlic Bread Memes recognizes that in order for their page to be successful they need to show their fans as much love as they receive.

Overall, this page has a lot to offer. There are memes for every type of person and it really captures everything in order to continue growing as one of the top meme pages on Facebook. It's hard to say just how many likes the page will get, but there is always new ground such as the Instagram account, @gbmemes associated with Garlic Bread Memes. It only has a few thousand followers as of now, but the potential is there. Memes are very much a part of this generation and aren't going anywhere anytime soon, with Garlic Bread Memes being no exception.

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