Top 7 Struggles Of Being A Gamer
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Top 7 Struggles Of Being A Gamer

Blame the lag. It's always the lag.

Top 7 Struggles Of Being A Gamer

Gaming, whether you're a pro or just a friendly casual has its ups and downs and I feel like at some point, every one of us has raged. I've gotten to witness myself rage a few times this week because I thought I should invest in the hellish game known as Dark Souls 3, you know that game that has ridiculously OP bosses and anything and everything can kill you, including giant skeleton centipedes. I couldn't finish the tutorial because Gundyr kept lunging at me and I just couldn't lock on for some silly reason, so I did what any gamer would do and raged so hard that I wanted a refund. It was my fault for thinking I could Pyromancer when I'm typically a tank but when I finally killed him, I just laughed and said to myself, "Piece of cake." Somehow, I tricked myself into thinking I could finish this game, even though I consistently died to rats more than I do to the actually bosses. So here are a few little problems we all run in to and love when we turn on our console (or PC if you're one of those master race people).

1. We have all the games in the world but STILL nothing to play.

You know this is true. I have about 100 games and when it comes down to pick one, there's nothing to play. AT ALL. It's not even like I've finished all of them, truthfully I could spend all night in a Team Deathmatch but the very next day I'm already bored and want to play something else. I'm sure you can relate when you get home and start scrolling through what you have. You pick Black Ops 3 up but then you see Resident Evil and then you're stuck because you now don't want to play either. Like, when did this become like a girl's choice for picking what to eat?

2. Joining in a game late but it's already gone to hell.

Ever had that moment when you just wanna join an already running game, and the moment you go in, everything is just gone to trash. You spawn right in, enemy already sniped you. Teammates falling everywhere, objectives forgotten. It's a suicide to even stay in the game because it's already lost and all you can do is watch as the enemies just eat you alive. Better surrender at 20.

3. Your username becomes your real name.

Who is Torie? I'm not Torie. I'm Batzy at least that's what everyone calls me the moment I put on my headset. The sad fact is I respond more to Batzy than I do Torie these days. It's the same with most of my friends. One guy that I’ve known since middle school still answers to DJ even though his name is Derrick and once we get in a game we drop our real names and call each other our users because that’s who we are now once we log on.

3. Forgetting to save your game is the end of the world.

That's right. You did all that hard work. Solo'd the whole level or did a complete walk through and then something crashes. All that hard work, gone, because you couldn't save it in time. That nice gear you got? Poof. And let's not forget those poor fellows who forget to save before a major boss battle. That's game over, mate. GG and RIP to your game and that hard work cause you'll probably rage before going and finishing it all again.

4. Guys why am I not moving? Oh... Lag.

Lag. The notorious bane of any player. The moment I lag, something ALWAYS goes wrong. On league and the ping spikes? You can bet I'm dying. If I'm playing zombies, bet I'm dying. Lag kills us slowly. It's like a cancer that's growing except for us, we'll probably bang our heads on a desk or a pillow and yell in the mic. We aren't bad, it's the lag, especially if it's on campus WiFi. And the best part of lag? No one ever believes you in a multiplayer.

5. Campers.

It's cool. You camp in spawn. You instakill before we can even load out. You must be pro with that handy dandy tent That skill is so much, way too great for me. Just kidding. Truthfully? When I'm sniping, I'll camp but when players just camp at spawns, it really makes me question why I play some times. Another form of camping is found on League and for some reason I always get heavily camped whether I'm playing a midlaner or an adc. Enemy jungler will just continuously coming down bot with his tent pitched in a bush.

6. Tunnel Vision

I HAVE HIM. HE'S AT 1/6th HEALTH. I GOT HIM. YE-...I died. Close but no cigar. If only you had one more flask. Isn't the game such a tease? You were just so close to the next level then bam. You got rick rolled by the enemy and died. Can't you hear that music? My favorite is how I watch an enemy's health bar with math by using fractions to how close he is to being dead, so algebra finally was relevant to my life. Some times I feel like the game just knows how hard we worked to fight a guy and then you just do one wrong roll and bam. Enemy just got you and all your hope and faith is gone.


Yes, this one is for us girls. There's two types so please understand this. There is the type that says "I'm a girl, give me free stuff and don't kill me." and then there is the "TARGET THE CARRY. NOT THE TANK." The second one is a legit gamer. You can hear the rage and anger fueling off of her. Half the time, I never say i'm a girl because the moment I do, guys freak out in League or WoW, even BO3. They assume one of two things: I either suck and can't possibly know how to play a video game or that I'd share nudes. GUYS. We like to kill things too.

In reality, no matter what, I still sign in every day. I'll put in Dark Souls, log onto League and still with rage and go through the same process. Why? I enjoy being a gamer. It's something I've loved since I was a kid and my dad brought home Spyro. From Kingdom Hearts to Skyrim, I've been a warrior of the controller. I have multiple destinies just like every gamer. Maybe I'm insane, but so is the rest of the gamer world.

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