The Game of Chivalry
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A game who's rules have taken on a whole new twisted meaning.

What happened to the days where it was normal for boys to hold the door for girls just because? Why don’t boys ask girls out on dates anymore? When did it become equally as expected for girls to ask out guys as it is for guys to ask out girls? 

I personally have not seen chivalress acts displayed since I was a senior in high school with a boyfriend who was legally obligated to show me at least the smallest amount of chivalry. Even then, I was the one surprising him with candy at school, holding the door open for him, giving him teddy bears on sweetest day. Maybe I’m just weird or supposed to be a boy, but I don’t think this is right.

What’s even more messed up to me is that this is now okay and pretty much expected of girls. We live in an era where boys expect us to pursue them, expect us to make the first move and expect us to find it normal when they don’t ask us out on a real date. Now-a-days, all “dates” are between the sheets with little to no attachment. Show some attention and you might as well be as threatening as Ebola. Act like you care and forget it, he’ll most likely never talk to you again. Dating, or whatever you want to call it, has become this extremely emotionless, evil and stupid game whose rules are as follows: who ever cares or show they care the least, wins. Whoever has the most sexual partner’s wins. And whoever can take longest to text back gets bonus points (even more bonus points are accumulated when you aren't the first one to text). 

I know I am most definitely at least the 188th or so female who has talked about "the game" but this is serious shit that's only getting worse. It. Is. Stupid. And. I. Hate. It.  In fact, I know little to no girls who are actually fond of this game. We may seem like we are content, but that's only because we really have hardly any say in the matter, being just as guilty in the playing and the formation of the game itself.Why do we play then? Well, because if we want any sexual, flirtatious, casual male encounters, we have to. This game works because boys know it does. They know that virtually no matter how they act, the girls will come back because they know how cruel the “dating” world is. 

Girls don’t want to risk the chance of losing someone that they could potentially change into “the one.” Ladies, we're infamous for thinking we can change people, especially boys. As hard as it is to admit and accept, we must let it go. We aren't going to change anyone. If someone does happen to change, it'll be because THEY want to for THEM, not for us. Guys know that girls get lonely, they know girls will put out and they know exactly what to say to get exactly what they want. They know that girls want someone to make someone loves them, hold them for a little bit after and kiss them goodbye the next day. Fortunately for guys, this is the most work they’ll ever have to do. Unfortunately for girls, this sucks and provides us with only momentary satisfaction. After he drops us off we’re a mess – constantly checking our phones, somewhat stalking his Facebook and irrationally obsessing over what he could possibly be doing at one in the morning when you haven’t gotten the booty call yet. So, this is what our lives have turned into. Constantly questioning our worth because pigheaded jerks can't and won't man up to treat us the way we deserve to be treated. And we're too afraid to put an end to the game, knowing we'll be even more lonely if we do.I know this isn't the case for everyone, that there are people who don't play the game, and there are people who are actually happy. I just wish these people made up the majority rather than the minority. So for all of you game-players and rule followers: no more! Throw the rule book out the window because aren't rules only in place to be broken?

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