9 Off-Brand Cereal Names Guaranteed to Make You Chuckle
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9 Off-Brand Cereal Names Guaranteed to Make You Chuckle

Don't forget the milk!

9 Off-Brand Cereal Names Guaranteed to Make You Chuckle

After some serious investigating on a not so serious topic, I have compiled this short list of cereal names after investigating different grocery stores. These off-brand cereal names are based on our favorite brands (mainly Kellogg's, Post, and General Mills), yet the names are either close enough or so far from the original that they will make you at a very minimum giggle a little bit.

1. Honey Nut Tasteeos

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Tasteeos. Enough said. Get this off-brand cereal and Food Lion.

2. Toasted Grains

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Wegmans is a classier grocery store and their off-brand cereal names stick with that theme. The best one I could find was Toasted Grains. This title made me giggle because it is incredibly spot on regarding what the cereal actually is.

3. Nutty Nuggets

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It's called Nutty Nuggest for cryin' out loud. I do not need to explain myself here. Get yourself the nuttiest of nuggests at your Acme.

4. Oats & O's

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This cereal gave me a giant laugh... or rather this Giant cereal gave me a small laugh. The punch line (milk line?) of this cereal box is the "&" symbol. The oats and the O's are one and the same, not separate entities.

5. Crispy Hexagons

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This cereal is another delight from Food Lion. The name is also incredibly accurate to the description of the cereal which certainly made me grin.

6. Shredded Bite Size Wheat

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The funny part about this Aldi cereal is that at first glance it looks just like everyone's classic favorite "Shredded Wheat." The only words that separate this cereal from the original are the bite sized words "Bite Sized" packed between the main words.

7. Oats with Almonds & More

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The "& More" on this cereal box is very dramatic. What else can it be? Well considering that most of the cereal as described in the bottom blurb is "Sweetened Multi-Grain Cereal with Honey Oat Clusters and Almonds", the "& more" refers to honey and sugar. That's not very exciting if I may so so myself. Get yourself this cereal & More at Acme.

8. Crispy Colors

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If you go to Shop Rite then you certainly recognize Scrunchy. This "Fruity Pebbles" knock off name is hilarious and it describes what you are eating as "Colors." Colors are a category of descriptive words which kicks the hilarity factor up as it is the main word describing the name of the cereal you are enjoying.

9. Fruit Rounds

Fruit Rounds

My personal favorite cereal name comes from Aldi. "Fruit Rounds" is essentially "Fruit Loops" with a different name. "Rounds" being used instead of "Loops" should make you guffaw as the word is so similar yet so different.

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