Poetry On Odyssey: Theater Shots

Wine glass at the bar,
Vodka shots make me hot-
Every tip made is a bill paid.
For sweating into shot cups makes the drink sweeter than my attitude.
I mean work sucks.

To catch and release my smallest anxieties and pour them into drinks I could barely even drink.
Checking IDs for kids who're quick to get an IV-

Plugging themselves into the system for the burning poison I make.
Getting yelled at by a boss whose problem is hiring children like slavery.

For every drink paid is a bill he gets to pay.
As my paycheck rolls in like a sad antidepressant.
But let's all go to the lobby,
While the customers say "I'm robbing."
For a five dollar Snickers is a steal and I'm a criminal.
And a double shot is the equivalent of a heart attack.

But you ignore these things.
I get it, we all do.
For jobs are necessities
But could I get some credit, please?
Theater stinks and the pretzels are garbage.
Salty bites for a salty life.

These are the things you complain about when you're ungrateful.
After working 15 hours, again for what reason?

With customers drinks and complaints,

For a half-assed privilege-

While you rummage your thoughts and tips made for your broke ass depression.

But I get it, we all have fun at the theater.

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