Forgiveness Will Always Be Present In Our Lives, Yet We Remain Aware

There are times in our lives in which there is turbulence in relationships and friendships which cause uproars of difficulties. Yet we need to maintain aware if we want to uphold the respect for ourselves that we deserve. It's so simple to care for someone and have them take advantage of your kindness due to previous experiences together. It's the second that we confront the issue in which it grows or becomes smaller, but that's not predictable at all. We can never truly see the outcome of an act until it's been completed which is frightening yet exciting at the same time. It's never simple to apologize yet it's even harder to forgive under various circumstances. The more that we take responsibility for our actions and show compassion for our peers, the better our outcomes will be. This has been reoccurring in my personal life as well as multiple friends of mine as well, so yes it's pretty common to be blunt. You're never going to know how far the relationship could have gone if the honesty and compassion weren't present.

The less we focus on our egos and what others perceive us to be, the more we can zero into our own thoughts and actually get to know ourselves better. We say we don't care yet why are we asking for others to validate our existence? The people that we trust the most to tell us when we are messing up can actually be having the most trouble within their own lives and placing that difficulty on you. As much as you love and care about those people, they may be treating you with less respect than what you know you deserve. That's when we need to take a step back and think about the importance of our own perceptions of ourselves. It doesn't happen often enough that we are able to sit down and actually reflect on our feelings and past experiences to understand why we feel a certain way as well as what brought us there.

Thoughts can travel to multiple places which could be both good and bad, but there's always an end result. The more we think about these relationships we have in our lives as well as our presence in them, the more accurate our own depictions of ourselves could be. You could be a different person when you're talking to someone who degrades you instead of building you up which at times could be a subconscious choice. We can forgive those who have hurt us in the past, yet we need to remain aware. Forgiveness is crucial and I've made many mistakes, yet I'll always be able to forgive others and do whatever I can to bandage the relationship. Yet there comes a time that we need to stop and understand that the relationship may not be what it needs to be due to the lack of interest on both sides. We get knocked down a few pegs and lose people, and find others that bring us back to where we need to be.

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