Forget What They Told You - You Can Do Anything
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Forget What They Told You - You Can Do Anything

"If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do? Are you actually pursuing that?" - Lisa Bilyeu

Forget What They Told You - You Can Do Anything
Holland Houghton

You can learn anything. (I'm serious)

This was some of the best advice I've ever heard because I realized it's true. More importantly you can teach yourself anything.

I know right now you're probably thinking, "nope not true, I can't do chemistry for the life of me, and that time in fourth grade I tried to learn the piano couldn't do that either." FYI that's because you didn't care about those things! You certainly could've been a piano playing chemist if that was what you wanted to do, but since it wasn't of course you weren't able to learn those skills.

Being passionate about the subject matter is the driving force for learning. That is why it is always so important (and I can't stress this enough!!!!!) to do something you love.

So first always start with passion and then go from there.

For instance, say you're super passionate about cars and all you want is to rebuild that old hot rod that's sitting in your grandparents garage. Yet every time you go out to the thing you get discouraged and think "ugh there's no way I can do this." Then you take a scroll through social media and really get discouraged because you see other people doing it but that impending thought "well they're better than me" starts to creep in.

We all do it, trust me. In these moments we are also lying to ourselves.

We all have equal ability to learn whatever it is we want!

So instead of getting discouraged, GET DRIVEN.

Think to yourself okay I don't know how to do this now but with all the resources there are available to me I definitely can learn.

And you will learn.

Most of us have our phones glued to our hands, which are an unlimited amount of resources right there. I can't even name how many times I've youtubed how to do something, and been able to teach myself a new skill.

I'm no better than you either, so if I can teach myself, trust me, so can you!

We all have this ability to teach ourselves whatever we want, yet the confidence to do so frequently is blocked by;

  • Others saying we can't
  • Fear of failure
  • Giving ourselves time restraints (this is a BIG one, some things take time, don't give up)
  • And a whole bunch of other ludacris things you should throw in the trash this very instant.

There is nothing we can not do or learn to do. If you really want to learn something and better yourself you have the full capability to do so, all you're lacking is the belief system that YOU CAN.

So teach yourself how to fix up that car, pick up your camera again, start up that business you've been dying to create, and chase that dream you can make into a reality!

Take that vision, find what gets you going, and start learning.

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