Food Review: Uncle E’sWings and Things
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Food Review: Uncle E’sWings and Things


I love food. I love going to find random hole-in-the-wall places to eat. The food channel might as well be the only channel I get on TV. I love Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive ins, and Dives. 

So I embarked on a quest to start finding places to eat with exceptional food.

My first stop ended up being a place recommended to me by a brother of mine, Uncle E’s Wings and Things on Florida Blvd. I looked at their menu and figured this place looks pretty cool, with items including the Super Stupid and the Mr. Ridiculous burgers. I immediately planned on visiting and began dreaming of what I would gorge myself on when I got there.

I called up a friend and we immediately left for lunch in between classes. We drove across town and over the interstate to get to Uncle E’s, arriving at a small shopping center with a laundry mat and Uncle E’s cellphone and beeper shop. It looked like it literally was a hole-in-the-wall someone put a kitchen in. 

I walked in and immediately was met with a smell of seasoned meat cooking in the back. My stomach took control of my body as I gazed over the menu. I had done this a dozen times in preparation for my order; I had studied this menu inside and out before I got there so I would know exactly what I wanted when I walked in the door. But now indecision gripped my heart and my stomach. I was at a loss for words-it all sounded so good, I couldn’t possibly choose one without thinking another could be just as good as the smell coming from the back! 

After a long deliberation, I decided to go with my gut. I ordered a double cheeseburger with bacon and a fried chicken breast on top, with mayo and mustard on garlic Texas toast. My friend ordered a 'Who Dat'. We received our tickets and sat in the next room, which was decorated similarly to a house being moved into. We watched an American Dad episode on the lone flat screen in the empty room as we waited. In a short 10 minutes, our orders were called out and we received our food.

We unwrapped the burgers in foil delicately, only to find our meals packaged with minimal care. The sight was impressive: my burger was a massive pile of meat stacked onto a bun that would lean and teeter on the edge of collapse, the meat sizzled and let off a pleasant smell, the cheese melted and dropped off onto the foil in globs, my chicken breast sat atop the pile of ground meat with a slight glaze of mayonnaise and mustard. 

I picked up this monster as if I was picking up a venomous spider, careful not to disturb the giant as raised it. I took a bite and received instant gratification that only a quick and easy 4000 calories could deliver. The burger was seasoned and cooked perfectly, while the chicken on top was still crunchy and hot, the bacon and cheese melted together to add the final punch to my taste buds. The meat of all three animals combined and became the most delicious burger I have had in my life. 

While the décor is odd and the area the restaurant is in isn’t exactly close to campus, it’s worth the 15 minute drive to eat one of these behemoths on a bun. I wholeheartedly recommend you visit Uncle E’s Wings And Things if you’re feeling adventurous or are in dire need of the meat sweats.

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