At some point in life, everyone will have to go through the stress of flying abroad or away from your hometown city. I hate to break it to you all but... it is not pretty.

Why? Here is the thing, realizing that the plane tickets have not been bought is like telling a kid that they're promised gift got burned. Last minute ticket purchasing is expensive. You'd think it would be cheaper but no. It's costly. If you do manage to book a ticket, it was either from a not so fantastic airline with the possible worst seat or... your pocket didn't suffer, which honestly, lucky thee. Word of advice, buy the plane tickets ahead of time. Pester your family about holiday plans to avoid the stress above.

The next pleasure of last-minute traveling is the weight limit. And no, I don't mean the weight of the guests flying. I'm referring to those impressive numbers that will decide if you will have to pay an overcharge for your belongings. In all honesty, it will also make you choose where to buy the holidays gifts. I have taken the habit of buying in the country I am flying to unless there is something specific that my family wants. Otherwise, I don't pack any presents with me that will make me have extra weight. Another thing to consider is, do you have clothing at your destination? If you do... ask yourself how much is enough? Do you really need 20 more shirts on top of the 50 you have there already? Do what you have to do in order to avoid paying extra fees.

On the day of your flight, traffic will be your worst enemy. Leave two hours before your flight is about to leave! After managing to arrive at the airport, comes the beauty of the long line at the check-in, then praying that everything is okay, and then having to go through security that will take you to the gates. All of which takes forever. My advice, get there earlier than necessary to avoid any obstacles.

Hope everyone enjoys their holidays!