We need to fire whoever decided to use the word "flaw" as a way to describe a characteristic someone may be insecure about. Hearing the word "flaw" frustrates me, because I truly don't think that flaws exist. Growing up as a female in the 21st generation can be extremely intimidating. You're growing up with expectations that didn't use to exist. These unreal expectations stem from social media and pop culture. Every woman you see that is successful or popular looks a certain way.

She always has:

perfect teeth, beautiful hair, perfectly tanned skin, a cinched waist, a plump chest, curvy (yet slim) body, full lips, striking cheekbones, and of course the trendiest outfit.

I feel so bad for young girls these days because they are surrounded by this idea of being "perfect". If you don't have any of those physical qualities, you're looked at as "flawed".

And if you don't have any of these body qualities, your makeup has to be "on point", even your hair!

It seems the only thing people are worried about these days are Instagram likes. I've witnessed young girls while I'm shopping, talk about certain outfits they NEED simply because they'll get a lot of likes if they post a picture in it. It honestly makes me so sad, because growing up I already felt the pressure of magazines and my peers to look good. I can't imagine how it feels for young girls now.

These so-called "flaws" do not exist. Embrace them and learn how to rock them. Highlight them, they're what make you different from everyone else!

Don't hide your smile because you have gapped teeth. Natural smiles are the best smiles.

Big lips? Put some gloss on and make them pop. Women these days are getting fillers because their lips aren't naturally juicy like yours.

Big thighs? I've said it once and I'll say it again, "THICK THIGHS SAVE LIVES."

Give your face a break, wear less makeup and soon enough you'll get comfortable doing it all the time.

The point is, change your perspective. These differences are what make you, you. There's no one else like you in the world, and why would anyone want to be just like everyone else anyway? Be more optimistic and ride your own wave.