I come to you with about six hours of flat earth content swirling around in my head. I don't mean just the generic theories, either. I went in DEEP and honestly, some of these theories got far more wild than I could've ever imagined. Of course, I can't say I'm convinced. However, I did find their logic fascinating. Now, I want you to be able to get the full experience, but I don't want you wasting the six hours that I just did. So, I will now assume the role of an actual flat earther and take you on a journey. I hope you enjoy.

Flat Earther: So, I'm assuming you believe in the ball earth? That makes sense. I'm assuming it's all you've ever been taught. Now, today I want to try and open your mind to a different theory, and maybe we can start to ask why people have tried so hard to suppress our beliefs.

Alright, well there's no easy way to get into it, we just have to dive in. Here's what we know. The Earth is flat on the surface and slightly curved on the bottom. The North Pole is in the middle and Antarctica is around the edges. The sun and the moon rotate around each other above the Earth. The Earth then sits in an egg-shaped space (the universe) with some type of mysterious luminaries ("stars") that might be real or might be part of the projection inside the egg. Oh, and there's multiple dimensions and a real life garden of Eden on Earth, but one step at a time.

Let's start by breaking it down, and I can answer any questions that come up along the way. I'm assuming your first concern is how this doesn't match anything that NASA has told us. That's true. To explain, I have to first introduce you to the idea of the Elite. The Elite are the 30 or 200 (who knows) people that rule the Earth. They know all of the secrets and they plan and rule the world together. Right now, the general public is in the palm of their hands. People believe everything that they project, including the ball theory. The Elite doesn't want us to know that the Earth is flat, because that takes their power away.

Now back to NASA. I'm not suggesting that every scientist who works at NASA knows about the Elite, knows the Earth is flat, and is actively lying. What I am suggesting, though, is that there are a few people who do know the secret and are actively working to keep it hidden. Did you know we've never seen a colorized picture of the moon? And every image we get of space is separate panels of images stitched together into a final product. These are things we KNOW to be true. There is so much room for doctoring. So yes, the flat earth does not go along with NASA's theories. However, once you open your mind to the idea that NASA and the Elite might be lying to you, a world of possibilities for a new truth opens up.

So, to move forward we must enter this mindset. We must be willing to separate the information that we've been told from the information we can verify based on what we feel ourselves. Now, what does this new mindset tell us about the Earth? For one, I don't feel like I'm moving and spinning at the insane speed they say we are. I don't feel that, and thus I have to consider the idea that it isn't true. Also, for the Earth to be a ball, it must curve at a pretty fast ratio. This is a ratio that should be visible when you look into the distance, yet no one I know has seen it. Once you take away the logic that's been force fed to you, it becomes pretty evident that chances are, we're not spinning, and we are not a ball.

A question I usually get pretty early on is, "Well why don't we fall off?" There's two reasons for this. The first is that we don't even get close enough to the edge. Antarctica surrounds the entire edge and most, if not all countries, have signed a no-fly treaty over Antarctica (I wonder why). On top of that, even if we did get to the edge, there's a kind of dome barrier separating us from the outside and it's quite difficult to get past that barrier, even if we wanted to.

Alright, so we have a basic understanding of the Earth. So, let me tell you about space. Many of us believe that "outer space" is an egg shaped container in which the Earth sits in the middle. Going back to the changing mindset, I can't prove to myself that planets and stars exist. The only thing I've seen are images that have been edited. Therefore, for the time being I cannot say what they are. Maybe they do exist and they're just really high in the egg, or maybe they're just part of the projections that the egg is showing us. Do I think we've gone to space? No. I believe that the spaceships take off, but that they just get to the maximum height before hitting the barrier. And of course, we all know the moon landing was fake. You can't really believe that when the US was in a huge competition to get to the moon first, we miraculously found a way to get there first. And then we just stopped going for decades. And now we somehow LOST the data that would get people to the moon today. That's an easy hoax.

I hope you're still on board to have a shifted mindset, because we're about to go a little deeper. Remember, we cannot trust things that we think only because NASA has repeated it. What if our sources have ulterior motives? To be truly independent thinkers, we must break free of these constraints. Alright, let's dive in. There was a man a while back who said he took a plane PAST the dome barrier that covers what we know to be the Earth. While I can't say I know this to be a fact, since I haven't experienced it, I choose to believe it because it matches many of my other theories. Beyond this barrier, PAST the Antarctic border, he said he saw a continent the size of America. He said that when he crossed the barrier, everything felt different. Space, time, existence. Now, if this is true, that means there is more land outside of Antarctica. Another dimension. Once we theorize that there's more land beyond Antarctica, who's to say there isn't another dimension beyond that one? Who is to say the only land is the land that we've seen? Yes, the Elite tell us we've seen everything, but why do we have to buy it? Why close our minds off, once we've opened them?

There's one more thing about the Elite. There are multiple pieces of evidence in different religious texts that the place similar to the garden of Eden is located in the North Pole. It's believed that it's under the ice caps. This is where I believe the Elite have their meetings. I mean, the garden of Eden is perfect and beautiful, so why wouldn't they keep it for themselves? The Elite aren't the only ones who occupy this space, however. Other beings do as well: a different species that's much taller than anything we've ever seen. I know it sounds farfetched, but I'm sure people were hesitant to believe in the existence of dinosaurs at first, too. If those are real, who's to say these can't be? Let us FULLY open our minds to the possibilities of the universe. We cannot keep being brainwashed. I hope you'll consider my findings.

Alright, it's me again. I hope you enjoyed the ride! I know I did.