Five Daily Reminders That Every College Student Needs to Hear
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1. You Are Enough.

Being at a university where you are constantly pushed to apply for things and branch out and try this and that, it becomes really hard not to compare yourself to other people all the time. It's so incredibly important to remember that you are not valued based on how many bullet points of clubs, honor societies, committees and achievements you have on your resume. You are enough just being you.

2. You Are Loved.

You have a support system. It may be your parents or your friends or your sorority or fraternity—there is always going to be someone that's thinking about you or sending you sweet reminders of how much you mean to them and how much you are loved and treasured. Above all you are loved by our King, and there is no greater love than that. It's an ease to the worries of the day to know that there's always someone thinking about you.

3. Everything Always Works Out In The End.

Try and think of five things that you've had a bad day over or a time where you've worried for weeks about one problem. I bet you couldn't name three that were significant enough to want to say out loud. Isn't it amazing how caught up we can get in the daily stress of getting everything done and freaking out when things don't go our way? Somehow, someway, everything either ends up working out or it was actually so unimportant that you felt dumb for worrying about it in the first place. Next time you think something is the end-all-be-all of situations, try and take a step back. The sun is going to come up the next morning, no matter how good or bad your day was.

4. Be Genuine.

You can't be everywhere at once despite how hard you try. It's actually impossible, who would've guessed? It's frustrating and annoying and we oftentimes have a hard time coming to terms with that fact. Personally speaking, this caused me a lot of unneeded stress in my life, as I'm worrying about spending enough time with certain people and being present when I need to be in my friends' lives. Not being able to be everywhere at once has taught me to be genuine in everything I do and in every situation that's thrown at you—and now I'm passing this little tip on to you! If you're genuine and real to the people that you love and the people that love you, and you make sure they know that, there's no need to stress about being all over the place every day. Take a deep breath and be real with the people that you're with in the moment. Your genuineness won't go unnoticed.

5. The Lord's Plan Is Far Greater Than Anything We Have Planned For Our Day.

It's okay to change your major—even if it's more than once in the same semester It's okay to not have a boyfriend or girlfriend at this very moment in your life. It's okay to have a messy room for a week and to not do laundry because you were studying for a test. It is okay and it will always be okay because the creator of the universe has every little delicate and tiny detail so graciously planned out for us already.

We should find comfort in that every single day.
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Olivia White

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