My First Semester Of College Seen Through Snapchat Stories
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Student Life

My First Semester Of College Seen Through Snapchat Stories

On, Wisconsin!

My First Semester Of College Seen Through Snapchat Stories
Her Campus

As I aimlessly scroll through my saved Snapchat memories, I smile as I realize that they are the most accurate portrayal of my first semester of college. I have tried to chronologically layer them into the ultimate digitized photo album, categorized by descriptions I felt fit for each memory.

The moment after my parents left me after move in

Still laughing at this one.

First night out

This picture is so #college. I put the frat geotag on so that all my friends could see that “I’m so cool I’m at a frat.” That’s a random boy I had a “Jewish geography” mutual friend with plus my suitemate, a.k.a. the only two people I knew.

Second night out

Me featuring my OTHER suitemate (the only people I was comfortable enough with to continue taking selfies with until I got one where I looked good enough to post on my story).

Third night out

I call this one “My late night food looks better than yours."


This is Sabrina. We were in the same rush group and are actually really good friends now… just not when this photo was taken.

First Shabbat dinner at Hillel

*Cue every Jewish girl at Hillel* This was probably on everyone’s story there. If you didn’t take a picture were you really a #goodJew?

First day of classes

Tanning on the first day of school after classes was definitely not a good predicament of what the semester would be like. But you got to take advantage of syllabus week, am I right?


It’s cute how happy I look to be in a lecture hall learning (this was obviously before I learned how boring it can be and how much work classes sometimes have). Wahoo go school!

The first game day

You have to send the mass of snaps of you decked out in school spirit at only 9 a.m. to prove it’s #gameday.

Oh, and of course, you and your friends at the game. Go football, am I right?

Bid Day

Me with the two people I knew from my rush group on Bid Day–definitely an awkward and overwhelming experience.

That one time I worked out

Making new friends

Every time you make a new friend, it’s like a rite of passage by making their debut on your Snapchat story.

When my family came to visit

My 14 year-old sister ft. the Wisconsin state drinking laws.

Matching game day outfits with sister

On, Wisconsin!

Mom at a frat

My mom is cooler than your mom.

Dad at a frat

I call this one “I love college."

Funny family selfie at a frat

When I went to visit my friend at school

It's always better when we're together.

Obviously trying Zimmerman’s

It was worth the hype, by the way.

Running into all of Scarsdale at the tailgate

Of course.

Being a sore loser/rival fan while there

Wisconsin's still better.

Going to the Farmer's Market in Madison

Joining the Cheese Club

Plot twist: doing some work

Going apple picking with my sorority

Big little week

Showing off my swag

Yes, I got a fish from my great grand big.

Coming home to surprise my mom

Seeing my home friends

Sorority retreat

Treats from bae

Sweating at the frat party

Did we go out or to SoulCycle?

Wearing it Wednesday


When your family comes to visit… again

When my cousin came to visit

Cousin bonding.

Cousin at brunch.

Cousin learning how to tailgate.

When my grandparents came to visit!

Yes, my family was basically always at school with me.

Grandma doing Midwestern things.

*Spoiler alert*: Grandma did not like Midwestern beer.

I know, mushy, right?

Snow days

Dorm Things

Fun fact: I did not help bake these cookies. I was simply walking by and was like, "hey let me take a picture of those! "

Holiday Season and Chapter Meeting

Days like these

When the weather changed…

Weather perks

Weather not-so-perks


This Bitmolji was made for formal.

Finals Week

Mostly just showing off how long you were in the library for.

Finding aesthetic places to do work.

Going Home

Feeling like a changed woman when you travel home #Midwesterner.

The rest of the Snapchats sent throughout the semester pretty much fall into a few final categories:

Madison Eats

Food trucks are fire.

Infamous Wisconsin mac and cheese pizza.

Short stack, yet another common brunch snap.

These beautiful pancakes were also Instagrammed. #DoubleWammy

Chocolate covered Twinkie

'Nuff said.

Farmer's Market finds

Scenic Pictures

"Look at my school."

Game Day pics

If you didn’t know it was Game Day, now you know.

The many, many themed parties

Running into Scarsdale people

Of course.

Weather Snapchats

When you go to school in Wisconsin, temperature stamps are everything.

And about a hundred more.

Just Wisconsin things

Catch me on Snapchat just trying to assimilate and get my Midwestern on. Wisconsin, you rock.

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