The First Monday In May: The Best And Worst Of The Met Gala 2018
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The First Monday In May: The Best And Worst Of The Met Gala 2018

Pieces of heaven to fashion sins.

The First Monday In May: The Best And Worst Of The Met Gala 2018
Avery Owens

Just like every year past, the tradition remains the same. I sit on my living room couch in yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the stars. Year-round, I am never dressed for the occasion, yet I always tune in to drool over the designers' art.

This year's theme was hands-down my all-time favorite -- Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. I can't help but think it is ironic that the most secular idols of our day dressed as symbols of holiness and purity; nonetheless, it was a spectacular show. Some costumes made me praise the Lord and others made me question the designer's sanity.

The Best

Blake Lively

In this stunning gown by Versace, Blake Lively looked like a queen. The crimson skirt reflected the details of a cathedral window and resembled church drapes. She looked straight out of heaven.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez wore a Coach sheer, slip gown for the evening. She looked like an angel in the all white dress. I'm still confused why she was not a fan of her own look.


In my book, Rihanna takes the gold for the night. Wearing a Maison Margiela dress and coat and a Stephen Jones hat, her look was show-stopping. After her debut, she may be the new pope.


Notably the most unique costume of the night, Zendaya turned heads with her Versace medieval-themed look. Her blunt cup finished off the edginess of the whole ensemble. Zendaya never disappoints with her bold style.

Jennifer Lopez

JLO rocked the defined cross of her stellar Balmain dress. The leg slip, colorful details, trailing feathers... every piece of the dress contributed to her jaw-dropping entrance.

Troye Sivan

Boys are usually all the same... black tuxedo with some sort of statement jewel. Troye Sivan outshined them all with his statement red Valentino tux. My favorite part was the mesh shirt under the coat. He looked fresh off the streets of gold.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner's pantsuit was my favorite Kardashian look of the night. The off-the-shoulder off-white pantsuit draped the perfect amount of material over her Jimmy Choo shoes. It was sleek, simple, crisp, and a good call.

The Worst

Lily Collins

Usually a fan of her Met Gala appearances, I was disappointed in this year's choice of costume. She wore a black Givenchy gown that was inspired by the Dark Ages. It was her makeup that really threw me off... she may have been shooting for gothic chic but she landed at a big gothic miss.

Miley Cyrus

Always up for an adventure, I was surprised at Miley Cyrus' simple Stell McCartney dress. The cut showed a little bit too much skin for my taste, and I was scared that it would fall off at any moment. I am all for simple pieces, but this simple piece needed a little more cloth.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett went for a red Marchesa gown for this year's gala. It had an ombre finish to it that complimented the carpet, however, the dress did not compliment her figure at all.

Lana Del Rey

Confused is the word I would choose to describe my feelings towards her costume. The Gucci dress and headpiece were adventurous, however, I was just not impressed. Her partner, Jared Leto, I liked more. I am glad his attire saved her from a fashion sin.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

Did they even dress up for the occasion? To me, it looked like they were wearing their normal street clothes. They appeared in vintage Paco Rabanne looking as they always do. They did not look tacky, I just wish they would have gone for an outfit outside of the usual.

From the best to the worse, each piece was skillfully crafted and beautifully worn. Although they were not all my favorites, I still admire the artists for the intent behind the craft.

It's now time to mark your calendar for next year... I know I cannot wait to see what the next first Monday in May brings. This year did not disappoint.

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