Life as a First-Generation College Student

The Life Of A First-Generation College Student

What it's really like to be the first in your family to get a degree.


It's never easy being first. I asked nine first-generation college students about the obstacles they face and the factors that contribute to their success. These are their stories. So here are some obstacles that first-generation college students face:

1. College Readiness

2. Financial Challenges

3. Lack of Family Support

4. Feeling Out of Place

5. Unawareness of Being a First-Generation College Student

Some other factors that also contribute to first-generation college student success would be:

1. Keeping Organized

2. Effective Decision Making

3. Finding a Mentor

4. Practicing Self-Care

The college experience for all students, including first-generation students, will have its share of obstacles but they are all surmountable with the necessary resources, support, and guidance.

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