Ahh, finals week, for some this is their last round of finals before they graduate and for others, it's just the beginning. Whatever the case may be finals are stressful. They also come with a lot of mental breakdowns and coffee runs.

I can't stop your coffee runs but as for the mental breakdowns, one pop star can help with after each text, slide, and notecard Ariana Grande.

Ariana has been through a lot and this woman still managed to Break free from the chaotic thing called life. And you too will make it through this week!

First step: "just keep breathin' and breathin' and breathin'" but please don't hyperventilate. I know everything feels like its all coming down at once, but you have to take a moment to breathe and take it to step by step. Nothing good comes out of cramming too much information in your head in such little time.

You "ain't got no tears left to cry (so don't cry)", yes it's perfectly okay to cry it all out. Let it out, but don't let the crying last you hours that leave your paper are drenched and unintelligible. It's okay to cry but it's not okay to be in that stage for hours on end when you can be studying. Take a moment to wipe the tears off your face and do things in increments. Crying can leave you emotionally and physically weak. Cheer up by listening to music, talking with friends, Snapchating or even watching a funny video.

When it comes to finals and friends you have "Got no games to play"; it can be really easy to get distracted and not manage your time correctly. You have to keep in your head "I know what I came to do, And that ain't gonna change", so before you agree to plans have you scheduled enough time for studying?

Having a phone next to you is hard when it comes to studying for finals. That vibrating and led light is going to cause you to lose focus. But as Ariana Grande would say you need to "FOCUS". This is not the time to slip on grades because for some this can either make or break you.

"These friends keep talkin' way too much, Say I should give you up" True friends are not going to judge you for studying a lot, friends will point out if you are in overdrive mode and recommend you to take a small break but will not negatively influence your studies.

If you had a friend who already took the final you can say "tell me something, I need to know", as long as you're not asking for ANSWERS. You want to avoid going against the Honor Code because punishment in Universities is harsh. Keep in mind that tests change and you want to KNOW the material not memorize. You might think "So what do I do if I can't figure it out? {Well]You got to try, try, try again" and most professors have office hours open for questions. And if they don't be sure to seek tutoring somewhere on campus.

As finals weeks continues you are knocking a final out each day making you feel like "I got one less problem without ya" when you're done with final move on to the next. Though you have one less problem now, you still have a couple more to study for.

Finally "if you want it, take it", if you really want something you are going to have to push yourself to get it. Putting in little to no effort is not going to help you pass your finals. To get through finals week you also have to make sure you are there to take your final and don't show up late!

And after all your finals are done you can't help but sing "Thank You, Next".