Finals Week As Told By Elf

What you want to say to your professor when they say the exam is going to be easy.

What you say to people when they think the library is a peaceful place to study, because really it's just full of people having caffeine induced breakdowns while trying to study for multiple tests at a time.

Comparing the grade you think you'll get on the exam to the grade you want/need to get.

Your reaction when a random person from your class sends out a mass email asking if anyone made a study guide for the final.

Your reaction when your professor says the best way to study is to go through your old notes and they are not going to provide any guidelines.

When your professor gives you random extra credit on the exam.

What happens when your friend finds you in the library after 7+ hours of straight studying and reminds you to eat.

How you feel when all of your exams are finally over.

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