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These 5 YouTube Study Videos Can Help You Make it To Finals

Your life is about to get a little better with these videos.

These 5 YouTube Study Videos Can Help You Make it To Finals

Its almost the end of the semester, you are tired, and it seems like your todo list is getting extremely long. Your motivation is lacking, you consider how much you actually want a degree, but don't sweat it, because these YouTubers are here to pull you back into the library and get you through the rest of the semester. If these girls can't get you motivated to get through this semester, well...just kidding, they will.

Lacking motivation? Struggling to get through a tough class? Haven't left the library in a week? These study videos can help you buckle down and get done what needs to be done.

America's Study With Me Playlist 

America's study with me playlist is a personal lifesaver for when I start to feel lonely during my long hours in the library, or I need someone to keep me accountable. In this playlist are eight videos that are real in time study with me, some of them are two hours or more. All you do is turn it on and study and she studies, it's like studying with a friend but way less distracting. It is perfect if you want company or if you to set an amount of time that you will do one task. These videos make you feel encouraged to study and keep pushing through but also give you the company too.

Adrienne Hill's study motivation playlist

This playlist by Adrienne is perfect when you start to feel like you have no idea how you are going to pass statistics because she is ready to give you some major pointers that can turn your semester around for you. There is study routine videos, tips and even long study with me videos, it is the perfect variety and resource to get you through finals with minimal breakdowns.

Kira Madisen's Prep Talk for School Video

I personally love watching Kira's videos because she is so real, especially in this video when she says what everyone struggles with; how do I get good grades and still have a life? Well, don't worry because even if you are watching this mid-semester or start of the year, these tips will help you get on track so you don't feel like you are sacrificing your 20's to an overpriced textbook. Kira as many videos on how to study, which can be helpful, but this one is a personal favorite for the mid-semester blues because it is a friendly reminder on how to use your time more wisely.

Hannah Ashton's Girl Boss College Videos

I love Hannah Ashton's videos, they are so motivating, and she has so many videos on her channel for you to be the most successful girl boss you can be. I personally love this 20 habit of a successful college students because these tips are so helpful if you forgot about them, or if they are new tips that you pick up. She encourages you to plan ahead which can be a life savor when it comes to a busy college student. Also reminding you to wake up early, take some time to yourself so you can stay grounded and sane while studying, and juggling the papers you have due.

Haylei Alexis's Law School Vlogs

What is more motivating than watching law school vlogs? They are great because they encourage you to remember what you are striving for. Haylei is a personal favorite because she is so realistic in her videos, she goes to the library on a Saturday night (Yes that's what I want to see), she doesn't hide how stressful it can be, but she also works her butt off and that is why I find her vlogs so motivating. Haylei's final vlogs are so motivating because she feels stressed, you feel stressed and she gives you some tips to get through it. She is funny and really down to earth, she says what you were thinking. If she can do you can do it.

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