Short Story On Odyssey: "Early Blooms of Spring"

His face was pale as he made his way through the door. Not his usual pale complexion that was ever so slightly kissed by the sun but one filled with hopeless headlines that spelled personal displeasure. No, it was a face from the past. Since young, when we played together often. It was when the fun stopped and hormones changed us that we would show such unfortunate looks.

He glanced at me, giving me the same look he had since then but couldn't decipher. He sighed and his eyes dropped to the floor. He had told me about the letter he had received briefly from a friend of that young girl. I heard from people that he had never met with the young lady but a handful of times. Of course, she was so naively innocent to send a love letter. Hearing that fueled the furnace that brewed in my heart.

Having not said a word about his feelings, he walked over to a girl with long brown hair. As she lifted her head, her face lit up with joy and a crimson fire spread across her plump cheeks. She rose from her seat with vigor and contentment, as if resigned to what he will say.

Among the chattering high-schooler's and yelling teachers, it was as if I went deaf, silently watching him talk to her. I took in the serene scene as they talked and she smiled. The daylight on their bodies sprinkle and shift under the veil of shade. The soundless words I cannot make out rained down on me like a sudden spring shower, chilling me to the bone while each drop welting my skin.

I watched at lethargic speed as he turned to face the window I was peering out of with the girl the following suit. His lips moved like my handwriting my love letter; too fast to be logical, purely falling from the heart with only emotion. His lips ceased to entrance me and the girl's face showed a deep consideration as they returned to their original stance.

I pulled my eyes away to the scene of my sister holding a tube of lipstick as she applied it to her lips. I couldn't pull my eyes away from the scene that unfolded in front of me. She bought that lipstick to attract her lover's attention. It was an action I simply laughed about at the time but now I watch in envy.

Walking back in, he walked past the girl, towards me. The girl's eyes clear like a skeleton flower. She returned to her seat, her small frame now slumped over, trying hard to pretend to concentrate on the page in front of her. For a moment, I saw a mirage of myself drift over her silhouette. However, she was much stronger than to admit her love for him. Not letting hormones separate her heart from her body.

Glancing back, he now stood in front of me, feet pointed in my direction with his torso slightly turned away. The motion was similar to my own as I adjusted to meet his position. Between us, someone's lips frantically danced, no words materializing. The only words bloomed like amaryllis, its bulb finally planted in us.

"I like you"

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