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Fest Like The Rest

Your music festival checklist.

Fest Like The Rest

Well folks, the time is finally among us once again. With so many different types of music festivals to support all the genres that you can imagine, there's bound to be one lineup among the bundle that tickles your fancy this season.

As a festival noob myself, I wish I had made a list and checked it twice before attending my first one last summer. Lucky for all you lovely people, I've got your back and am here to help. Whether you're a festival first-timer, or you rage like it's your job, here are a few tips for anyone and everyone who is getting ready to go to a music festival.

No worries, let me break it all down for you.

The Basics
It pretty much should go without saying that if you're heading to a festival, especially if it involves camping, then you're going to need a temporary home. Make sure you brush up on the rules and regulations for the festival you're going to for how your tent can be and how many people you can have at your spot. Don't make the same mistake I did last year; remember to bring a blanket, pillow and an extra layer or two to wear at night. Cool summer evenings can be rough with just a thin tarp as a shelter.

Other camping essentials can include a flag and a flashlight. These are super helpful when you're stumbling around a sea of tents that look all identical to yours in the middle of the night. Also, make sure to have an extra tarp to put over top of your tent in case it happens to rain.

Festivals are a time to meet all sorts of new people, so make friends with your camping neighbors, especially if they've got a grill and portable shower, because who doesn't love free burgers and being clean?

Speaking of food, it's true that festivals can offer some of the best grub that there is, but buying from food vendors three times a day for an extended weekend will certainly cost you. My suggestion is to make sure you eat a big and hearty breakfast and pack your own snacks before leaving camp in order to keep you going through out the day. Future-you will thank past-you for not wasting all that dough on festival cuisine, no matter how tasty it is. What got me through the days were Trader Joe's Trail Mix, granola bars and various dried fruit packets that provided me with enough energy to keep me going from set to set.

Staying hydrated is also important and no, beer does not count as water, sorry to break it to you! If you're looking to pre-game the fest remember "cans not bottles" and don't over do it. I can't stress enough how important a few bottles of glorious H2O will be to you, especially since there are refill stations located in different areas of the festival. You've waited this long to see your favorite artist, so don't ruin the experience by getting sick from dehydration.

Stay Fresh
The festival life isn't a glamorous one, let me start with that. Unless you chose the RV or local hotel option, communal showers are available for the campers; however, if you're like I am and get rather impatient during certain situations, waiting in the ridiculous lines often isn't worth it. So with that being said, here is what you will need to make sure you're still looking and feeling a Tom Haverford level of fabulous.

Everyone repeat after me, "Baby wipes are my best friend." If they aren't yet, they will be after your first music festival. They can solve a multitude of problems, as the go-to wipe is perfect for all your self-cleaning needs (desperate times call for desperate measures). Deodorant or body spray is a definite must because you'll be in a pretty funky situation if you don't come prepared, and I'm not just talking about the music.

Dry Shampoo equals no more greasy rat's nest on top of your head. With all the dirt build-up that is bound to happen, you will be singing hallelujah after two days without showering. Last, but certainly not least, make sure to tuck away your toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash in your bag. You would be surprised how easily these things are forgotten.

Often, festivals will have large tents where you can purchase these essential items in the case that they were left behind, so there is no excuse for not brushing your teeth or not putting on antiperspirant for four to five days, ladies and gents.

Oh and one more thing.....

Because porta-potties suck, ya'll.

Keeping it Fest-Chic
As much as people enjoy poking fun at cliché festival attire, there's really no better time to rock a few feathers and release our inner hippies. Be as colorful and creative as you would like! No matter how crazy you decide to go with your ensemble, I promise you, you will run into someone who took it to a whole other level.

This is also a time to be as comfortable as you can, seeing as you'll be out in the sun and on your feet all day. Wearing appropriate shoes is always important because the last thing you need is being cursed with blisters from wearing the wrong kind of footwear. I made the mistake of wearing my favorite moccasins to my first festival because they were comfortable (and also went well with my hippie fest attire *hairflip*), but little did I know just how damaged they would get. Be prepared to pay your respects and kiss those kicks goodbye once this trip is over.

One of the best ways to hold your smaller objects is with a fanny pack. I know, I know, it's 2015 not 1988, but these hip-hugging bags will help you out in the long run. Last summer, I decided to bring along my crossover bag, and the result was an awkward strap tan line going diagonally across my chest. Not to mention it's such a nuisance having to worry about not leaving your bag anywhere in fear of it being stolen. Save yourselves, I'm begging you; Go ask mom to dust off that obnoxious colored fanny pack and put it to good use! I'm sure it's been awhile since it's seen daylight.

There you have it: everything you need to survive and have a kick-ass time at your first music festival, and I promise you it will be a life-changing experience! To save you from a total sappy conclusion I'll leave it at this: Take it all in, and enjoy every second of it. Dance, crowd-surf, go nap on a hammock somewhere and really take advantage of everything that the festival has to offer. As soon as it's over you'll be counting down the days until next summer when you can see your festival family once again.

For those of you returning to Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delawarein just a couple of weeks, I'll be seeing you in the woodlands.

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