FBI Email Investigation Provides An Exciting Twist during The Backstretch Of The 2016 Election
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FBI Email Investigation Provides An Exciting Twist during The Backstretch Of The 2016 Election

Does the FBI's renewal of the Clinton email investigation impact the Presidential Election?

FBI Email Investigation Provides An Exciting Twist during The Backstretch Of The 2016 Election

Another chapter of the Clinton email escapades has opened a new chapter due to the FBI announcement that they will reopen the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server after learning about a new batch of emails that are relevant towards the investigation. Federal investigators are working to review more than 1,000 emails on a laptop shared by a top aide to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and her disgraced husband Anthony Weiner. The emails were discovered when the bureau seized the divorced couple’s belongings during an unrelated investigation uncovering an unrelated investigation into illicit text messages sent to a 15-year-old North Carolina girl by Weiner. This provides a sensational twist during the backstretch of this crazy election. For a glimpse overview check out this article here

The relaunched FBI investigation is just another bizarre turn of events during the campaign trail. Ten days prior to election day, Clinton seemed to have the election secured with some projectors having Clinton winning over 66% vote despite the recent releases of the Wikileaks emails. It seems this latest news is the Clinton campaigns worst nightmare. Hillary Clinton has had a successful campaign despite carrying reputation that has been maligned by scandals, but the relaunch investigation over here 10 days before the ballot box is bullet she may not be able to recover from.

The relaunched FBI investigation is a saving grace for the Donald Trump campaign. After NBC leaked videos of Donald Trump talking about assaulting women, the Republican nominee seemed to be dead in the water. After unimpressive debate performances Republicans were not very hopeful going into November. When the news broke, the FBI was back at it, investigating Hillary Clinton and her emails, there was likely an eruption of cheers at Trump headquarters. The Clinton news will relieve Trump of intense media pressure in the closing days of the election.

The biggest benefactor of the Clinton email scenario is essentially the media. Understandably, news media such as CNN and Fox News get their biggest ratings during election season certainly the 2016 election has served them well. News media outlets have benefited from the controversy this election has produced. However, with the election coming to a close the election is coming down to close, news outlets want a close race as we had down to the wire. There is not much to cover if the election is expected to be won by a landslide, and people are less likely to tune into news coverage when they know the obvious result. This new turn of events changes all of that. The Clinton email controversy makes this election once again unpredictable. Due to this reason, I was very skeptical of the CNN polls that had Trump gaining significant ground on Clinton prior to the emails. In the national poll by Washington Post and ABC, had Trump polling only two points behind Clinton after trailing by double digits a weeks ago.

After the release of the emails, many polls have showed Trump making very considerable gains. Trump has gained significant points in the swing states of Florida and Ohio, while making strides in Pennsylvania. Despite those strides, Trump is losing in all of the swing states. With ten days remaining in the election it’s hard to see Clinton’s emails having a drastic effect. First, the public will have to analyze how Clinton will respond to this new investigation. Will her campaign hunker down to try an denounce these accusations or are they going to see what the FBI does. Realistically, it is highly unlikely that the FBI is going to indict Clinton before the election. Even if they find substantial evidence for significant wrongdoing, there is simply not enough time to have an investigation to indict her. The best case scenario for Clinton head hunters is for Clinton to be charged and impeached before she enters the Oval Office in January. In this scenario, Clinton would serve as the 45th president during the impeachment process. Then pending the decision of the impeachment, the government will follow the protocol of the constitution.

There are some people that are making a claim that these emails are shadowing the Wikileaks from the American public. The argument as some ground since many of the information from the Wikileaks documents paint Clinton in a very bad light. However, the common American voter has not investigated the details regarding those documents.

The status of the emails has drasticially effected the viewpoint of Clinton from an international perspective. Here is an article from U.K. news website the guardian: here

In conclusion, Hillary Clinton’s emails doesn’t really affect the election for either side. The email scenario serves as another money making story for the national media. Clinton deserves to face the repercussions of her actions it seems that she is not going to have sweat out this situation until after election day.

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