1. Tired of watching the same online channels? Need some inspiration, laughter, or knowledge? Well, here are of my favorite online channels I would recommend watching when you are grabbing lunch or eating by yourself and need some time to decompress.

1.) Ace Family:

My favorite Youtube Channel of all time is the Ace Family. The Ace Family is a wonderful family channel that has over 10 million subscribers. It is an excellent youtube channel that Austin and Catherine with their daughter Elle and their newborn baby that was born a couple of days ago.

They bring you into their lives from pranks, daily life, personal life updates, and Q &A. It's a great channel I would recommend for even young teenagers, it does bring humor and joy. If you enjoy family vlogs or if you are family oriented, I would recommend watching their vlogs, they post almost every other day. :)

2.) Evan Carmichael:

Evan Carmichael is a great person who knows how to pump your day with motivation! His youtube channel is designed to inspire you and help you grow. He puts out amazing videos of all celebrities, sports players, singers, and scientists with their keys to success. If you are ever struggling or need something to start your day, I would recommend this channel.

I use to watch his channel every day during my breakfast time to help me get started with my day. The cool thing about this channel as well is that if you have a particular role model you look to, he probably has clips of them and you can comment below on who he should do next.

3.) Pero Like:

If you want some nice Hispanic funny humor and missing your household, I would recommend watching pero-like. It is an excellent team that does skits, Q &A, talks about controversial topics, interviews etc. If you are looking for a channel that expresses pride in the Latino community, I would recommend Pero Like. I love the crew especially Gadiel y Julissa lol. They always make me die of laughter and make me feel at home when I am far away from my family for long periods of time.

4.) BuzzFeed:

If you want the unpredictable and looking for something new or informational, I would recommend Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is just simply amazing and it has many different sub-groups channels.

5.) RedTable Talk:

Do you love the Smith family? Do you enjoy having deep conversations? Well, the Redtable talk is for you. It is available on Facebook and you can search for it. It has Jada Smith, her mother and her daughter Willow. It is an excellent show that talks about controversial topics from sex, love, marriage, race, immigration, fame etc. The most interesting part for me from this show would be there are three generations present and each carries their own perspective.

I'm happy they talk about these topics in the open because I know there are many people across the world and myself that can relate to these topics and understand what they are saying. They also recently had their second season just come out and the guest start is Will Smith. :)