What Your Favorite Jeni's Ice Cream Flavor Says About You
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What Your Favorite Jeni's Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

Are you more of a chocolate lover or do you have a spicier side?

What Your Favorite Jeni's Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

If you live in or have ever visited Charleston, SC (or any other cities in which these chops now reside) then you've definitely heard of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.

Or you haven't, in which case you need to stop what you're doing (yes even reading this article, you can always come back to it later) and go right now. Jeni's was founded by a woman named Jeni Britton Bauer who revolutionized the ice cream scene by actually using whole ingredients combined with unique combinations of flavors. The ice cream is still made that way and is still absolutely amazing.

They have the classic flavors like chocolate (it comes in either Milkiest Chocolate or Darkest Chocolate) and Strawberry Buttermilk, but they also have extremely unique and bold flavors, like Bangkok Peanut or Middle West Whiskey and Pecan. You literally cannot go wrong.

It can sometimes be hard to pick a favorite, but we know you've got one.

So find your favorite flavor below and see what it says about you. Is it accurate?

1. Strawberry Buttermilk

You are definitely a quirky teenager with a love of reading and writing. You probably wore pigtails in elementary school and love being outside. But only when it's sunny.

2. Brambleberry Crisp

You are generally really outgoing and always ready to go hang out with your friends, be it a night on the town, a relaxed get-together, or even a fun trip out to ice cream (Jeni's anyone?) But you've also got some pretty dark secrets that no one would ever suspect.

3. Bangkok Peanut

You are a curious-minded individual who absolutely loves to travel. You are inspired and intrigued by other cultures, and do whatever it takes to understand them. You are also rather opinionated and stick to your beliefs, whatever opposition you face.

4. Darkest Chocolate

You are very professional and probably own ten different blazers. You are always classy and stick to simple, classic styles. There are some things from your past that you'd rather forget, but you are gaining confidence in moving on with your life.

5. Dark Chocolate Truffle

You're a free spirit who goes wherever the wind takes you. You care a lot about the environment and the world we will leave behind after we die. You may have been in a protest once or twice, but it has always been peaceful. Or you are someone who just really loves coconut.

6. Milkiest Chocolate

You are either young in age or young in heart. You are always down to laugh and smile and act like a child because you never really grew up. You know without hesitation who your favorite Disney princess is and which Hogwarts house you belong to.

7. Brown Butter Almond Brittle

You are very musically inclined. You play more than one instrument and/or you have a playlist for literally EVERYTHING. You're always riding shotgun because you need the aux cord, and almost everyone is glad you have it. You also have a very unique fashion sense that catches people's eye, even from across the street.

8. Cream Puff

You are the total mom of your friend group. You're very sweet and nice and make sure everyone is taken care of, but you have a tendency to be a little harsh if someone is doing something you wildly disapprove of. You also really love to bake and are ready to go to a carnival or fun amusement park whenever you get the opportunity.

9. Frose

You're a minor who pretends you can drink. Or you're being boring and watching you're weight (because it's sorbet.)

10. Coffee with Cream and Sugar

You typically consider yourself a morning person, but with that being said, if you don't have your morning cup of coffee you are a zombie for the rest of the day. You love yoga and have all the equipment, including your trusty mat, block, and even lavender spray. In your free time, you can often be found shopping on King St holding a various amount of shopping bags.

11. Green Mint Chip

You literally always get Mint Chocolate Chip whenever you go to an ice cream place ever. On that note, you're very traditional and set in your ways, and often hold controversial opinions. You're very organized and always stick to your schedule and commitments.

12. Gooey Butter Cake

You probably are, or were, student body president, as well as a member of 10 different clubs, as well as a regular volunteer for three different charities. Basically, you're a wiz at time management and you live out of your planner. You are honorable and trustworthy, and people know they can come to you to solve any issue.

13. Roxbury Road

You are the life of the party. You are full of stories of your wild experiences and you're always making more. You're definitely a night owl but can still wake up to ace your 8 a.m. midterm the next morning.

14. Goat Cheese with Red Cherries

You act way too old for your age, and this sometimes arises out of your need to find purpose in life. You are definitely a huge gossip, but you will always be there for your friends whenever they need you and will stick by them through every trial.

15. Middle West Whiskey and Pecan

You are definitely an adventure junkie who is always looking for your next adventure. You talk a big game but are often way more insecure than people realize. And you either own a motorcycle or desperately want to.

16. Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks

You are a great friend who is honestly just enthusiastic for all life has to offer. You love trying different foods but always come back to your favorites. Plus you've definitely tried every variation of Reese's, Snickers, Milky Way's, etc. that you can find.

17. Pumpkin 5-Spice

Halloween is your favorite holiday hands down, you thrive in the fall. You love movies (especially Tim Burton films) and will always be down for an impromptu movie night. As far as being social goes, you don't ever have a friend or relationship drama of our own, but you love hearing about other people's.

So know that you've discovered your true self, how do you feel? It's quite the accomplishment, so why don't you go treat yourself to a nice scoop of Jeni's ice cream!

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