The Favor App Hasn't Done Any Favors For Me

The Favor App Hasn't Done Any Favors For Me

I'd rather skip lunch than experience such horrible service again.


My stomach always makes the weirdest, most obnoxious sounds when I'm hungry.

In my rush last week, I didn't have time to make myself a sandwich (and we were out of bread), so I really couldn't do anything to silence my stomach's growls.

I thought about the people I had met who admitted they sometimes forgot to eat. Forgot to eat? I could never accidentally forget to eat!

I thought about how good soup would taste right then because it was a rainy Wednesday.

I thought about how foolish I was for not grabbing at least a snack, because two morning workout classes are sure to make anyone hungry around noon.

But I was tired of thinking. I needed to do something about my hunger!

I took my phone out to text my friends to bring me something on their way back from lunch. But before I could unlock it, I noticed an email from Favor, an app that will deliver food to you from any nearby restaurant.

"All deliveries free in October!" the email announced.

YES! I had found a solution to my growing hunger!

Favor, an app I had ordered from the week before, had been SO worth it! My friend had shared a promotion code with me that allowed me to order a FREE Chick-Fil-A sandwich! Although it took a while to arrive and my delivery guy got lost, how could anyone complain about a FREE sandwich?

Without any hesitation, I ordered a small mac n' cheese from Panera. In my mind, it was the perfect rainy day food, and it was priced at only $4.99.

However, unlike last time, I wasn't allowed to see my order total until my order arrived. Knowing all I had ordered was a $5 mac n' cheese, I quickly hit submit, thus agreeing to pay my unknown order total.

And then, I waited.

And waited.

And waited for another 35 minutes. (Panera is 5 minutes from Baylor)

The app was supposed to let me know when my order had been picked up and when it was on its way, but it took forever for my order to change its delivery status.

Finally, I received a notification that my delivery had arrived. Looking at the receipt, my order total had jumped to $17.89!!!


Favor had factored in a $6 tip and a $6 delivery fee! I quickly googled to find any promotional codes I could find, but ALL of them didn't work, because they were strictly for first-time users.

Thankfully, I noticed I still had some credit from my last order, and I lowered my tip (I'm sorry @ delivery guy), so my total was brought down to $11.59.

Meanwhile, I was still waiting at my desk at work for my order to arrive. Another ten minutes had passed, so I called my delivery guy, because the app showed he was at the right location. He admitted he didn't know his way into the building, so I quickly met him outside the office's side door and thanked him for bringing my order.

Then, I ate my food as slowly as humanly possible so that I could savor the most expensive mac n' cheese I've ever ordered. At the very least, it tasted delicious.

But I knew my problems weren't over.

You see, when I downloaded the app weeks earlier, I had to enter my family's email address because the app didn't recognize mine. The first time I had ordered my free sandwich, my mom forwarded me the emailed receipt and the subject line read "????"

Sure enough, a few hours later, my mom forwarded me my emailed receipt again and asked if I knew what it was from.

Yes Mom, I didn't spend my money too wisely this time. I'll be the first to admit that!

I deleted the app right away.

My advice to you is to take advantage of all first time offers this app promises, but then delete it after your first order. No food delivery service is worth paying three times the amount you spend on the meal itself, waiting over half an hour, and tracking down your delivery guy.

I won't be needing any other Favors anytime soon. :)

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5 Games To Play In School That They Never Block

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Even though some games were blocked on the school's internet, these games were not (for most people) and we used it to our full advantage. Also, one of the pictures on this article will take you to the actual game itself, it is up to you to find it. Good Luck!

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If you are kids are in school and looking for some fun during the day, these websites are almost never blocked by the school's wifi. (Just don't get caught). I hope you enjoyed this article and if you did please feel free to follow myself and the Anderson Universtiy page and I will see you all next time, bye!

Cover Image Credit: Rico Tec Solution

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What's So Social About Social Media?

Why have our lives left the real world and entered one of artificialness.


Within the past two decades, advancements in technology have grown significantly. We're at the point where every other week something new is dropping or a brand new update is being installed. Communication across the world is as simple as a quick text message. Business and franchises are going completely paperless, everything being on iPads, computers, and other wireless devices. Schools are putting all their reading material online for students. Drones are delivering mail. Cars are driving themselves. It truly is amazing what we have done in such a short amount of time.

With all of these advancements, we have also created a plethora of apps and devises strictly for pleasure and our own enjoyment. One of the largest advances has to do with social media. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the main ones that our society has almost become dependent on. People are constantly updating, uploading, and upgrading everything about their virtual lives. Each person's goal to surpass other peoples amount of "friends" or followers. We now live in a time where the number of likes on a post define how much we are liked as a person. When a video isn't viewed as much as we hope, we think that no one cares. We have uploaded our entre lives to these social apps, and yet there are people who feel more alone and lost than ever before.

The social media franchise has, in a way, corrupted a large portion of the worlds population. People can get caught up in immense amounts of unnecessary drama. We are being socialized to look, act, think, and be viewed a specific way. We feel as though we have to maintain these social relationships, relationships with people who we have never met in person. Streaks, shares, retweets, and saved posts are what we all consider a way of life now. Sending pictures to over 30 people, but only knowing two or three of them really well.

In addition to all of that, it is so easy nowadays to cause trouble. Scamming people into viruses through corrupted links. Posts that state offensive or degrading words. Catfishing is easy and almost a guilt-free experience. False relationships and messages full of lies fill our DMs and people get hung up on every negative message. We can comment on pictures through fake names, disclosed ID's, and with little to no repercussions.

Now I understand the positive things of social media. I myself use Instagram and Facebook still, but carefully and with a grain of salt. I am really only friends with people I personally know, people that attend USF, and current and future teacher pages/profiles. Social media does help keep in touch with old and new friends, but overall we need to take a step back. It is a great place to escape to for a bit out of each day, but we shouldn't live in those worlds of posts and videos. I recommend taking a step back and really filtering through "friends"/followers, pages subscribed to, and who you're talking to. In a short sentence, anything negative or toxic within your social media realms, get rid of. Clear things up and I promise you, you will feel less stressed, happier, and healthier.

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