A Fangirl's Breakdown Of The 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Trailer

A Fangirl's Breakdown Of The 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Trailer

Peter Parker must be protected at all costs.


At 5:49 a.m. PST, aka 8:49 a.m. Eastern Time, Tom Holland, Spider-Man himself, began an Instagram livestream. It was on this livestream, with about 70,000 people watching, where he dropped the "Spider-Man: Far From Home" trailer. The short video wasn't the full-length trailer that has been circulating the internet, but getting a little glimpse of it before the rest of the internet gave me a rush.

About 10 minutes after the livestream, a full HD trailer dropped. And let me tell you, us fangirls WENT ABSOLUTELY MAD. Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and even Facebook were full of people freaking out over the segment. Here is a breakdown of one of the most anticipated movies of 2019:

The Beginning

If you saw "Spider-Man: Homecoming," and stayed until the end, you know that Aunt May is now fully aware that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. The new trailer for the second film in the franchise starts off with Spider-Man at what appears to be a benefit for a homeless shelter that May is hosting. May introduces Spider-Man, he poses for some pictures for the press, and then meets Aunt May backstage.

It is during this little rendezvous that Happy Hogan, a long time employee of Tony Stark, appears with them, carrying a giant check signed by Pepper Potts. Many have speculated that Pepper's name is on the check because Tony is dead when "Far From Home" takes place, however others recall that Pepper has been the CEO of his company for years. Both theories are feasible, but I REALLY need Tony Stark to be alive. Because I love him. Anyway.

Happy and May are flirtatious that warrants a confused, "What just happened?" from Peter. Personally, I don't really like this forced relationship that May and Happy seem to be having. It seems a little rushed, especially since Happy's role in "Homecoming" was strictly business. He constantly blew Peter off and didn't really take him seriously until he helped him. I want the best for Happy and May, I just don't know if that means being in a relationship with each other. But that's tea. We'll see I guess.

Preparing For Europe

Almost this entire film will take place in Europe, thus "Far From Home." Peter is packing a suitcase for this trip and sniffs socks to make sure they're clean before tossing them into his bag. We absolutely STAN a relatable web-slinger. Cut to him talking to Mr. Delmar, one of my personal favorite side characters from the first movie. He owns a little shop in Peter's neighborhood and Peter stops in to get some last minute travel goods. Again, relatable.

Peter is also seen briefly web-slingin' through New York whilst being on his phone. I mean, I won't lie, if I could do what he can, I'd be taking some bomb selfies on the top of some skyscrapers in NYC. In the back of one frame, it looks like construction is being done on the building that was formerly known as Avengers Tower. It was sold in "Spider-Man: Homecoming," and was a major plot point. What is in store for this iconic MCU staple building?

When Peter Parker picks up his passport (try saying that ten times fast), the screen briefly shows us a rather frightened and awkward passport photo. Love that for him. May asks him if he has everything he needs and then mentions him packing the suit. In this scene, Peter is wearing his infamous "Find X" t-shirt from "Homecoming," a little easter egg for anyone who has seen the first film. He decided against bringing his Spider-Man suit. He says, "Europe doesn't really need a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." Oh, Peter, Peter, Peter. You couldn't be more wrong.

He slams his, pardon me, BEN PARKER, his late uncle's suitcase, and heads off to Europe with his schoolmates. That Ben Parker easter egg had me in tears but it's fine, I'm fine, everything is fine.

The Arrival

A short running/plane/boat montage later, we see Ned, Peter's best friend, played by Jacob Batalon, cheesing for a camera held by Betty, Angourie Rice's character. Jacob and Betty are said to be dating in "Far From Home" so I'm excited to see what happens with their relationship, especially with all the madness about to ensue. MJ, played by the love of my life Zendaya, is caught smiling at Peter, to which he smiles back. They're in love, basically.

Peter Parker is relatable. We know this. He is also a little bit of a nervous wreck when it comes to females. He tells MJ that she looks pretty. MJ, being an absolute icon and feminist queen, replies, "Therefore I have value?" insinuating that her only value, in his eyes, are her looks. She is known for making bold statements like this, but it still catches Peter off guard. He is about to backtrack when she laughs and tells him she's only kidding. She calls him pretty, too. AGAIN, THEY ARE IN LOVE. Not to be dramatic or anything...

The Game Changer

Ned is about to tell Peter about the first time he was in love, a story I really hope we get to hear at some point, when he is hit in the neck with a dart and faints. Pan over to NICK FURY, eyepatch and all. Spider-Man and Fury haven't met face to face in the MCU yet so this is a meeting I, along with many other of my fangirl counterparts, are super stoked to see. The two have a unique relationship throughout various comic book series, so it'll be interesting to see how they paint this duo onto the big screen. Fury shows up and "hijacks their summer vacation." This means, to put it plainly, SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN. This means that Spider-Man is very much needed in Europe.

Next, we see Spidey soaring through the sky, Fury standing in the Shard, and Peter's schoolmates sightseeing without him. In Spider-Man Homecoming, he had to save his classmates from falling to their death inside the Washington Monument. While Spider-Man will most definitely save his friends, but I wonder if they'll be any parallels cinematically to that scene from Ho-Co in "Far From Home" as well. London's Tower Bridge is next seen on fire. Spooky stuff.

What's The Deal With These Bad Guys?

The trailer confirmed that Sandman, a long time enemy of Spider-Man, will appear in "Far From Home." Nick Fury and Maria Hill face off against him.

After Sandman, the Molten Man appears. They're both super powerful bad dudes who are about to cause a lot of problems in Europe. Spider-Man is really going to need to STEP. UP.

Happy appears again, indicating that perhaps his role in this film will be one that is a little more helpful and prominent in Peter's life. His words carry over as scenes of Peter's friends running for their lives flash in a little series of terror. They're running away from fire and sparks, explosions and high-speed winds. During this rapid series of scenes, we see Peter in an all black stealth suit. It's fly. It's really going down.

Hyrdo-Man shows up in Venice, understandably so, and it appears that there will be a few scenes with Peter having to fight without any suit. He is in a flannel, clinging to the side of a cement structure, drenched in water. He is wearing the same shirt he is wearing when he first arrives in Europe so I'm guessing Hydro-Man is probably the first villain he encounters. It's all downhill from there.

Some people have speculated that these beings are the Elementals. But that's a whole different story.

Mysterio is probably the main focus of this trailer, besides Spider-Man. He is an iconic character and Jake Gyllenhaal looks amazing in his cape (and fishbowl helmet lol). He appears in a puff of green smoke and takes down this giant water being almost tooooo easily. Mysterio is posing as a hero by helping Peter defeat the giant, however, because Mysterio does have some interesting abilities, it's possible that he is the one orchestrating the chaos in Europe, and saving the day all to make himself look good with an ulterior motive at work.

Wrapping It All Up

Everything down to the globe in the "O" in "Far From Home" is methodical and thought out. The end snippet shows some the Midtown high gang standing around watching Mysterio save the day on the News. Remy Hii's character, still unknown, says that he looks like Iron Man and Thor rolled into one. Marvel has a way of placing one-liners at opportune moments. This is for sure one of them. Tony Revolori returns as the asshole we know and love to hate, Flash, remarks that Mysterio is no Spider-Man. It seems that while Flash makes it his life's work to make Peter Parker's life a living hell. He is, however, a pretty big Spider-Man fan. Watch the end. Just take my word for it. You'll laugh.

Here's the deal. "Spider-Man: Far From Home" is about to be one of the best films of 2019 and that is the boiling hot tea. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up. Your resident fangirl is here, reporting for duty. Thank you, Marvel and Sony for blessing us. WOW.

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3. You

If you haven't heard of this show, you are actually living under a rock. Everyone and their mothers are watching You. Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager, goes into full stalker mode after meeting Guinevere Beck. I've never watched Gossip Girl (I know, shame on me), but you might recognize the creep as Dan Humphrey. Twitter fell in love with him, despite his psychotic tendencies, so beware!

4. How to Get Away With Murder

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