My Fall Bucket List After Years Of Religion Disallowing It
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10 Things On My Fall Bucket List After Years Of Not Being Able To Participate Due To My Religion

Fall 2020:)

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As a child, I was never allowed to participate in fall activities or Halloween due to religious reasons. However, now that I'm older and can make my own decisions, here are some things I want to do before the season ends.

1. Dress up for Halloween.

Halloween was a big fat no in my house growing up. My parents saw it as a holiday that was more about tricks than it was treats. Because of this I never got to experience Halloween costumes or trick or treating. I think I'm probably too old to ask adults for candy, so I just stick with dressing up.

2. Carve a pumpkin.

My mom thought carving Pumpkins was too dangerous for little kids to do so my family always painted them. I don't know if I'll be any good at it but carving a pumpkin just seems like a staple fall activity.

3. Go to a pumpkin patch.

This goes along with carving a pumpkin. In order to get into the real fall spirit, I don't want to just buy my pumpkin from the grocery store. I want the rustic feel of fall and pick my pumpkin out myself.

4. Go to a Farmers Market

I've only been to a farmer's market once in my life however it was during fall. So because of that, I associate farmer's markets with autumn. There's just something about getting honey sticks and caramel apples from a farmer's market in November that just hits different.

5. Go on a picnic.

Mississippi fall is really pretty compared to Louisiana's. I suggest going with friends and having an outdoor picnic in the park or the Refuge under the trees. For an extra fall feel, get a flannel patterned blanket.

6. See the lights in Downtown Starkville.

Apparently, Starkville decided to be cute and trendy and set up lights along Downtown? I don't know how long they'll be up so I'm adding them to my bucket list.

7. Buy a new sweater.

I have an addiction to sweaters. I think I can cover my entire floor twice with the number of sweaters I own. I love them so much. However a new year calls for a new sweater, and if you see one I might like, call me.

8. Watch the Halloweentown movies.

I was never allowed to watch Halloween movies and everyone raves over Halloween Town. I wanna know what it's about and if the hype is worth it.

9. Try stuffing.

I've never tried Stuffing before. I can't tell ya what it is, however I know it has wheat in it. My parents have never made it before gluten-free, however, this year I really wanna try it. I'll write an article and update y'all about how it goes.

10. Take Autumn-themed pictures.

I love fall/winter clothes and I love remembering and keeping memories forever. Because of this, I want some autumn pictures with my friends and loved ones:)

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