20 Things You Never Knew About Brazil
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20 Things You Never Knew About Brazil

The impressive, the weird, and the totally unexpected

20 Things You Never Knew About Brazil

All eyes have been on the Rio Olympics these past few weeks, and although we have learned a lot about the different athletes competing in Brazil, the country itself is one many don't know that much about. But not to fear; as a Brazilian, I'm here to fix that and reveal all of the things that make Brazil and Brazilians unique:

1. We speak Portuguese NOT Spanish.

The top misconception people have about Brazil is their language. Not fully knowing what it is they speak, people resort to thinking it's Spanish or "Brazilian" (which isn't even a language). Yes, our language sounds very similar to Spanish, but watch out for even the simplest of phrases. Here's a quick Portuguese 101 lesson: Hi is "Oi", not "Hola"; and bye is "Tchau" not "Adios"

2. Brazil has won the World Cup more times than any other country in the world.

Brazil holds the world record with 5 World Cup wins. They also hold the record for most consecutive wins without a loss (11 wins), and most goals scored in any individual game (22 goals)

3. Brazil has the largest river in the world.

The Amazon River in Brazil stretches out for a record-breaking 4,345 miles

4. And the largest waterfall in the world.

Iguazu Falls in Brazil has over 275 falls, a monster in comparison to the three falls Niagara Falls consists of. Eleanor Roosevelt said it right, "Our Niagara against the Iguazu looks like a stream of water from the kitchen faucet." Sorry Niagara.

5. Three Victoria Secret Angels are Brazilian.

Adriana Lima (left), Alessandra Ambrosio (middle), and Lais Ribeiro (right).

6. Giselle Bundchen is also Brazilian.

Most famously known as Tom Brady's wife

But probably more recently known as the model who cat walked at the opening ceremony.

7. Brazilians always kiss you on the cheek as a greeting and farewell.

8. And they are the least punctual people in the world.

But instead of being apologetic about it, they blame others for being "too early."

9. Breakfast in Brazilian hotels is ALWAYS complimentary.

Which means your day is already made even before lunchtime hits.

10. They always use tiny glass cups, even for scolding hot coffee.

[left: American method, right: Brazilian method]

For some stupid reason, coffee mugs just aren't a thing in Brazil.

11. Oh yeah, and their milk isn't refrigerated.

I know, it's weird. But somehow it's still fresh

12. Their grocery stores always have food courts in them.

In which you'll find a McDonald's at every one...right next to an amazing steak house...yet Brazilians will persistently pick McDonald's. I still have no idea why.

13. Instead of getting individual drink orders, Brazilian restaurants typically bring out a liter bottle of soda, juice, etc. with those tiny Brazilian glass cups for the entire group to share

14. However when beer is ordered, Brazilians go big or go home.

Hence, the glass size triples, and the sharing proportion trickles down to one.

15. Pizza in Brazil is made without tomato sauce.

And Brazilians eat it with a fork and knife

16. And contrary to popular belief, it's almost impossible to find a burrito/Mexican food in Brazil.

Which sadly means you won't find a Chipotle in the country.

17. Novellas (Brazilian soap operas) are a must-have on prime time TV.

With the acting regime at its highest quality...or at least the unnecessary,

yet somehow entertaining, dramatic gasps and bitch slaps.

18. And most of what Brazilians watch is American shows with Portuguese voice-overs and English subtitles.

They say the subtitles help them learn English...

but it doesn't always work to their advantage.

19. They know Florida better than any other state in the U.S.

Why? Because that's where Disney World is!

Over 700,000 Brazilians travel to Disney World annually. That makes them the biggest group of overseas travelers to visit the park

20. And last but not least, Beyonce filmed 2 of her music videos in Brazil.

If Beyonce loves Brazil, it has to be an amazing place!

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