29 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Getting Her Eyebrows Waxed
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29 Painful Thoughts Every Girl Experiences While Getting Her Eyebrows Waxed

"Why did I choose to inflict pain on myself today?"

29 Painful Thoughts Every Girl Experiences While Getting Her Eyebrows Waxed
Kaylee Clever

Everybody knows that beauty is pain, and personally, my least favorite beauty mechanism is getting my eyebrows done. I've been told I have nice eyebrows, but if they only knew it took the pain to get to them. Luckily, I have a great girl who knows how to shape and wax my brows perfectly. But with every visit comes the same handful of thoughts each time.

"Oh jeez, here we go"

"Fuck, that wax is so hot"

"No it's not. Grow up"

"Okay but why does the WORST pain happen under the brow??"

"I seriously feel like my eyelid is going to fall off"

"Oh please God don't peel my eyelid off"

"Don't shed a tear, you bitch"

"You have literally had this done numerous times now."

"Too many times. Clearly I don't learn"

 "But clearly they look BOMB af after. This is worth it."

 "I'll be fine. It's fine."

 "Okay, man up."

 "Why do I do this to myself?"

 "Oh because I will look like I have caterpillars on my face, otherwise."

 "Beauty is pain. Beauty is pain."

 "Oh we're already moving onto the other eye?"

 "Here we go again"

 "I didn't even feel the in between the brows be waxed"

 "Yes I'm okay just finish this please"

 "WHY are there tweezers out now"

 "What was the point of the wax if we're using tweezers anyways"

 "Tweezers are actually the devil's work"

 "Why did I choose to inflict pain on myself today?"

 "This is the worst two minutes of my life."

 "Oh, done already??"

 "Yes I love them!"

 "Thank you!"

 "See you in a few weeks!"

 *in a few weeks * "fuck."

Beauty is pain, and we all know it. Some pain is more manageable than others. This is one of those circumstances.

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