An Exclusive Interview with CID on new release 'Secrets'
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An Exclusive Interview with CID on new release 'Secrets'

DJ-Producer CID Returns to NYC for his first release of 2017

An Exclusive Interview with CID on new release 'Secrets'
Big Beat Records

Earlier in February, Grammy-Winning DJ and Producer CIDcelebrated the release of his new single "Secrets" with a VIP release party at Marquee NYC. "Secrets" is an addictive dance track that incorporates emotive vocals from Conrad Sewell who also sang on Kygo's "Firestone." The new single is a preview of CID's upcoming EP due later this year.

CID is no veteran to the dance music industry. Born and raised in Queens, New York, CID gained exposure to prominent DJs at a young age and built upon his passion for music. He's won the support of Tiesto, A-Trak, Galantis, Don Diablo and Kaskade, with whom he's toured and collaborated with. In the segment below, CID answers questions on his inspirations for "Secrets" as well as plans for the future.

You recently played at Marquee for your single’s release party. How did that go?

It went great! To be honest, I was a little nervous leading up to the night. I've played a bunch of shows in New York on big stages with Kaskade and others, but this was my first real Headline show and I knew a lot of friends and family were going to be there. In the end everything went well, and It was great to be able to share that night with them.

You just came out with an amazing new track “Secrets”. Can you talk about the production behind that and how it was like working with Conrad Sewell?

Secrets was originally a vocal idea that was sent to me by my label Big Beat. I took the vocal and started messing with different sounds and chord progressions under it. I think the first thing I laid down was the distorted organ sound in the breaks and everything flowed from there. I had been wanting to work with Conrad for a while. Very few singers can match his vocal range or the emotion in his voice. When it came time to figure out who should sing "Secrets," I knew it would be the perfect song for him. My team reached out, and he loved it. Coincidentally he was coming to New York around that time, and we were able to get in the studio and record the song together in a couple hours.

Can you talk about your beginnings in music?

This is kind of a long winded question, but I would say everything started through my early fascination with DJing. My dad has a Restaurant and Catering hall in Queens, NY and growing up he always had the same DJ come play all the parties. At 8 or 9 years old I remember being completely blown away with the way he was able to control the room through music. Whenever I had the chance I would watch him DJ and eventually he taught me the basics. (Later on I ended up taking all his business after my dad started booking me to DJ all those parties lol woops sorry Eddie!). From there it just naturally progressed to learning about Producing music. I never took any music lessons growing up, but I was always infront of an instrument. My older brother had a drum set in the house and even a drum machine and keyboard that I would sneak in and use when he wasnt home.

Did growing up in Queens, New York influence your musical journey in any way?

Yes I absolutely think growing up in Queens, NY had an influence on me musically. Early on most of the parties I DJed were Spanish parties, playing Merengue. Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata etc. Pretty sure I could still rock an all Latin party if I had to! Also I have two older brothers had a huge impact on my music taste. Through them I was exposed to all different kinds of music, from hiphop r&b, to early house.

5)Who were some of your early inspirations?

In the mid 90s there were a bunch of Dance songs that crossed over to pop radio.. From Robin S - Show Me Love, Everything but the Girl to The Bucketheads. I would say that era really inspired me to dig deeper in to dance music at an early age, and I was hooked ever since.

Goals for 2017?

Release my first EP. Go on my first solo Headline Tour.

After touring with Galantis and Kaskade, what were your biggest takeaways?

How passionate they are about the music and how important the songwriting is to them.. I think a big part of both of their successes has been their ability to make music that people can connect with on an emotional level, and thats something that has really inspired me to try and bring to my music.

Any shows, venues or cities you particularly want to play?

Coachella is at the top of the list for me. I think its that one festival that everyone, no matter the genre, pays attention to. I would love to be able to do something really special and unique there.

Do you remember the first show you ever played?

Does a party I djed in 8th grade in my friends backyard count? lol This is such a tough one to answer.. Ive been djing for so long, from school dances to weddings, to clubs and lounges in the city. I think the first big party I played was at this club called Sugar Factory in Brooklyn (its not open anymore), That was the first time I ever felt a real rush from a big crowd reacting to what I was playing.

Favorite spots in New York?

Right now for food, my favorites are BondST and this spot Rider in Williamsburg. For going out, it depends on who's playing more then the venue. There's a lot of great warehouse parties popping up, but also Marquee, Output, and Flash Factory.

If you could collab with anyone, who would it be?

I would love to do something with Armand Van Helden. He is the king of sampling and I think we could do something crazy together.

What’s your attitude on life?

Life is short. Enjoy it as much as you can and find something you are passionate about.

Any up and coming artists who you think really stand out?

Throttle - He's only 20 years old but he's been producing for 5 or 6 years already.. its kind of crazy. He understands the importance of having your own sound, and has an incredible ear for melody and songwriting. Watch out for him!

You’re stranded on an island and can only pick to eat one food and listen to one song. What are they?

Food is easy... I would have to say Tuna. So many different ways to eat it, don't think I could get ever get sick of it. Song is a really hard question! If i was stranded alone on an Island I would probably pick Los Lobos - La Bamba.. I know its a weird answer but listening to that song is one of my earliest memories from when I was around 3 or 4 years old. I was obsessed. It would be a constant reminder of my childhood and my family.

CID Tour Dates

Saturday, February 4, 17 New York, NY, USA Marquee

Saturday, February 18, 17 Las Vegas, NV, USA Marquee Nightclub

Saturday, March 4, 17 Barcelona, Spain Opium Mar

Saturday, March 11, 17 Las Vegas, NV, USA Omnia Nightclub

Friday, April 7, 17 Sun Peaks, BC, Canada Snowbombing (Canada)

Saturday, April 8, 17 Austin, TX, USA Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

Saturday, April 8, 17 Sun Peaks, BC, Canada Snowbombing (Canada)

Saturday, May 6, 17 Atlanta, GA, USA Shaky Beats

Saturday, September 2, 17 New York, NY, USA Electric Zoo

Saturday, October 28, 17 Houston, TX, USA Something Wicked

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