The benefits of having a best friend and are two peas in a pod.

The best feeling in the world is knowing that you always have that go to person that is not your parent or sibling (even though I do not have a sibling). My best friend Jessica from my High School has been there for me since literally our Freshman year of High school. You know girls these days are not the nicest but she is always opening her arms up with love and laughter no matter what mood she may be in that day.

One thing we always do together is TAKE SELFIES! From dressing up cute for the Avalon, going to the park, or anywhere else just to get our good pictures in was truly a blast. There was never a dull moment and boy do we sure miss those easy high school days of not having too many responsibilities getting in the way.

Going to see scary movies was such a go to for us also! I would get made fun of for hugging her so tight in the theater when things jumped out in the movie. I was the little scared one.

My all time FAVORITE. going and trying to tan at the pool but instead just finding a cute background to take a photo. We would jam music out loud so everyone around us could hear what we were listening to. Bringing snacks to the tanning session was a go to as well. Before I knew it the day was halfway over and of course that was unfortunate because we love a good pool day. The excitement of picking out the cute bikinis was real too.

Fast forward towards end of high school though when I found out she was moving to South Carolina when we graduated. My heart was so sad and I cried endlessly. Not to say that texting, FaceTime, and snapchat was not an option, it was, but not quite the same.

As all of the graduation parties are happening, all the last minute assignments due, and the last few nights hanging out. The closer the date got to her moving away was becoming scary to me. I no longer had my best friend to just drive to or invite over or just to simply hug if I was having a bad day. I kept asking myself why me? Why is God taking my best friend away from me? As time went on though, it got sort of easier but even when I do visit her I realize how much I have suppressed with her not being physically with me whenever I would like. I love and miss you and cannot wait for the next time I see you.