Hidden Gems in Every State
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Hidden Gems in Every State

Some of these places are making me feel like i need to book flights immediately

Hidden Gems in Every State

Travel is the thing I love the most and I wanted to share with you some of the best places to check out in the country


Spectre Set Ruins - Located in Millbrook this is what is left of the town built for the movie Big Fish. I have never seen this film but I love visiting locations from movies, there is a $3 entry fee per person to get onto the island where this set sits and if you're wanting to participate in something lovers of the film do bring an extra pair of shoes to leave them behind.

Unclaimed Baggage Center- Ever imagine where your lost luggage goes? Well, look no further! Located in Scottsboro is this massive store where you can shop through left behind items. There is also a museum attached to the store which includes "Hoggle" from Jim Henson's "Labyrinth".

Neversink Pit - This pit is a 162-foot fall and you need a permit to go down to the bottom as it's quite hazardous. Regardless of that fact, it's said that even the view from the top is quite spectacular.


Portage Ghost Town - Located in Whittier is a town that was destroyed by the second-largest earthquake in recorded history. There is something to be wary of though which is that it is right by Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center which protects local animals.

Santa Claus House - The North Pole is real and Santa does live here little kids and delusional adults rejoice! The family that resides in this home has been answering letters addressed to the big guy in red for decades.

Coldfoot Camp - It's the northernmost truck stop if that interests literally anyone. There is zero cell phone reception and before going make sure to check road and weather conditions and its a very remote location.


Antelope Canyon - I truly believe this a wonder of the world I mean look at this place who would have that you would find something like this in Page Arizona. The upper and lower canyons are only accessible via tour which according to Atlas Obscura can get pretty pricey and it should be noted that no animal service or not is allowed.

Santa Claus - Please just tell me why every state has a town that has to do with Santa or Christmas. Located in the Mojave Desert (no thanks) is a deserted ghost town that was once a booming location for kids and adults alike. Little remains of what used to be but its apparently worth the visit.

Lisa Frank Factory - 90's kids this one is for you! This building is devastating to see how much of a fall this brand has suffered but it is still so cool to see! Located in Tucson you can see the one busy factory now just a building with rainbow doors and an empty pink glass lobby. If visiting be smart and don't trespass.


Toad Suck - This place is literally only on here because of the name it kills me.

Beatles Park - Located on Abbey Road (Jesus) Is the spot where the Beatles once walked to go to the airport and the whole town showed up, that's it that's all that happened and now there's a Beatles fest every September to commemorate them walking through this area. It's the most exciting this to ever happen in Walnut Ridge and it shows.

Chaffee Barbershop Museum - Anything to do with Elvis and you can count me in! This spot marks where the king got his first army buzzcut, I know that's super underwhelming to some but the museum still celebrates that day every year. The town has remodeled the barbershop so that it now is right back to looking exactly how it did when Elvis stepped in the door.


Museum of Death - This is basically my ideal day out. I have always been obsessed with true crime and the idea of getting to see items for cases I've grown up studying is so dope! They have items from Manson and John Wayne Gacy I'm pretty sure.

Marilyn Monroe's Crypt - Unlike most famous Hollywood stars you won't find this starlet's grave in The Hollywood Forever cemetery you will have to go to Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery. An interesting fact is that Hugh Hefner bought the crypt next to here to spend the rest of time next to the first playmate. People tend to kiss the crypt and leave red lipstick marks adorning it, please don't do this there's a literal dead body in there that's so gross don't put your mouth on a CRYPT.

Neverland Ranch - I think we all know that this was once a land belonging to Michael Jackson. There are many stories of what happened at this place but I'm not Shane Dawson and won't go into that. The rides and buildings have been bleached from the sun but are still intact it's a vacant residence despite many potential buyers. You can find this property located in Santa Ynez.


Hanging lake - Can I think of a prettier place? No. My mom is in Colorado right now and I didn't tell her about this beauty located in Glenwood springs simply because I would be too jealous if she decided to go. Also, you have to have a $12 permit but it's so worth it.

International Church Of Cannabis - A psychedelic heaven! Located right in Denver is this incredibly colorful building where you can smoke (but only when the church isn't open to the general public) and socialize and I love that will be visiting immediately.

Desert Reef Hot Springs - A hot spring is my ideal vacation spot plus with the scenery of Colorado? Sign me up! This resort is clothing optional so if you want you can wear your birthday suit!


The Mark Twain House & Museum - This house is straight up out of all of my dreams and it only makes sense that the author had the happiest times of his life in these four walls. Mark Twain wrote, "Huckleberry Finn" and "Tom Sawyer" in this home. It's like stepping into literary history and I want to visit yesterday.

P.T. Barnum Museum - I am ready to live out all my Greatest Showman dreams. The Museum is slightly smaller than it used to be but still worth the trip to Bridgeport.

Grave of Joan Bennett - I honestly feel bad because I thought this was the grave of JonBenet at first and that is why I included it but if you want to visit Lyme you can see a grave of the late Hollywood star.


Nemours Estate - home to the largest french style formal gardens in North America this beautiful mansion lies as a 300-acre estate. There is a rich history of this place and the family that built it. It's perfect if you want to live your best Taylor swift blank space music video dreams.

Corporation Trust Center - This acts as a hidden tax haven for over half of the Fortune 500 companies. I don't really think this is a place anyone can visit but now you know about it, you're welcome.


Gatorland - Located right in South Bay is an abandoned reptile haven that is not to be confused with the still operating park under the same. For years this place acted as somewhere people could go to experience these animals safely.

Monkey Jungle - I have always been down for a zoo type place where humans are caged instead of the animals and I couldn't love this more. This seems like the best way to experience these animals!

Dry Tortugas - Home to one of the world's largest coastal brick fortresses this beautiful getaway is the only thing that could make me want to go to Florida. This Tropical paradise is accessible only by boat or seaplane.


The Elvis Shrine Vault - Located inside the "star bar" in Atlanta lies a shrine in an old bank vault to the late king of rock 'n roll. Visitors are welcome to come and pay their respects to the king anytime the bar is open and I personally am always down to pay respects to the man that sang jailhouse rock.

Chattooga River - Please note that I recommend seeing this stunning river but do not recommend swimming in it! There are many white water rapids classified at a class 4 danger level to try and maneuver through.


World's Largest Plant Maze - Located at the Dole Pineapple Plantation this TWO AND A HALF MILE maze takes most visitors over an hour to complete and has eight stations located throughout with things to see and do. If I had my way this is how I would spend my ideal day, just chilling in Hawaii lost in a pineapple maze.

Battery Cooper Bunker - This once military bunker has since been turned into a bit of a movie museum dedicated to films like Jurrasic Park and Jumanji that have filmed in the area. You can come and take guided tours or enjoy ziplining or ATV tours.

Ha'iku Stairs - Photographers rejoice this is the perfect Instagram photo, however, you have to take it from the bottom because these stairs are illegal to climb! Most days a guard is posted at the foot of the stairs to stop brave visitors from trying to make the trek,


Big Idaho Potato Hotel - Located in Boise is this $200 a night spud of your dreams. I honestly was beginning to think Idaho didn't have a single interesting thing in it if you live there I am so sorry.


The Home Alone House - If you're anything like me the Home Alone movies are a holiday staple in your home and seeing this house is now on my holiday bucket list!

Raven's Grin Inn - A once hotel turned "Halloween-themed funhouse" allows guests to take guided 1-3 hour tours where you will occasionally have to climb, crawl, and of course walk. It's my dream scenario because I love Halloween but hate haunted houses.

Abandoned Town of Cairo - What once was a booming town in the days of the steamboat industry is now a town of fewer than 2000 people with the only original buildings still in full tact being a few manors and the town library.


Market Street Catacombs - Laying underneath the popular "City Market" in Indianapolis are miles of tunnels from over 100 years ago! You do have to book an appointment to see these tunnels and will not just stumble onto them on your own accord.

Delphi - If you are anything like me and are completely invested in solving every cold case Delphi will ring a bell. Delphi is home to the Monon High Bridge which until Valentine's day 2017 was just a beautiful part of a trail in rural Indiana but is now the spot where two families and really a whole town was changed forever. I'm sure everyone already knows that I am referring to the Delphi Murders, if you like me are so invested in this still-unsolved case you can come to Delphi and pay your respects to the beautiful lives lost of Abigail Williams and Liberty German. Please do so respectfully and without bothering anyone in the town or families as I can't imagine the grief they are still experiencing.

Who North America - A Whovians wet dream is how I just described this store to a friend. I personally am not a fan of the classic British show but can understand how cool a museum/store like this one would be to fans, so if you want to visit you can find it in Guilford Indiana!


Villisca Ax Murder House - Back in 1912 8 people were murdered here and now in typical morbid fashion, you can visit the museum and even stay there for $400 a night! I myself am morbid and would love this

Better Homes and Gardens Test Gardens - Only open on Friday for two hours is the garden of everyone that is only ever used for photos and never actually used for normal things


Jones Bar-B-Q Vending Machine - As seen on the hit TV show Queer Eye this restaurant is a Kansas barbeque staple and now has introduced a barbeque vending machine for patrons who want to visit while the actual place is closed and I honestly am waiting for the olive garden to catch on and create a breadstick vending machine

Dorothy's House and Land of Oz Museum - Now in the Wizard of Oz the town Dorothy is from is not made clear so this small town in Kansas decided to take that claim and run with it. When visiting you can walk through the museum filled with costumes and animation that takes you through the movie and ends with Dorothy proudly showing off her house at the end of the yellow brick road pathway you walk down.

Equality House - Right across from one of the most hateful places in the nation, the Westboro baptist church sits this house decked out in rainbow decor and signs letting passersby know its a safe space. The property welcomes visitors to sit in the garden and take photos and tour the property but do be warned the church regularly holds protests in it's lawn.


Colonel Sanders' Grave - From anyone who wants to go pay their respects to the man behind the greatest macaroni of all time you can right in Louisville! Apparently, it is usual to bring a ketchup packet to leave behind which yes, is odd.

Ark Encounter - Now we've all heard the biblical stories we've all seen Evan and Bruce almighty we know the gist of the Ark. But did you ever think you could visit one? Well, look no further than Williamstown! You can explore the boat and see statues of animals and animatronics of Noah and his family, doesn't sound like the best time but these days it's better than sitting on the couch.


Mike the Tiger - Located at Louisiana State University there is a Tiger encounter which holds Mike who acts as the university mascot. I have never wanted to visit a college so bad. if you want to visit mike just tell the guards at the school and they will direct you. If like me you can't make it to visit you can watch a live cam of Mike every day 24 hours a day.

Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum - Located a few miles away from where the couple met their demise is a museum where you can see a replica of the car including bloody dummies and can see some of Bonnie's clothes and glass from what they call the "death car'. It's an interesting place, to say the least.

Nicolas Cage's Pyramid Tomb - In typical Nicolas Cage fashion, he has two plots in front of this pyramid before he's even gone. People have come and kissed the pyramid which is at least a little better than kissing a grave with bodies actually in it (I'm looking at you Hugh Hefner fans). You also must have a tour guide to visit the gravesite!


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