Entertainment Weekly's PopFest Showcased This Year's Best In Entertainment

Entertainment Weekly's PopFest Showcased This Year's Best In Entertainment

"Fantastic Beasts," Ryan Murphy, Nick Jonas, "Gilmore Girls" and more

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If you've ever wondered what it's like to be surrounded by some of the most talented people in the entertainment industry, I'm here to give you the low-down.

I'll give you a hint: It's kind of like being invited to sit with Regina George at lunch. Yes, it's that great and it was that exclusive.

Last weekend at The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles, Entertainment Weekly had it's first-ever PopFest, a two-day pop culture bonanza showcasing movie actors, stars of the latest and greatest television shows, music artists, book authors, TV show creators and directors, live podcast recordings and more.

Friday kicked off the fest with an exclusive advanced screening of "Doctor Strange" for select VIP ticket holders. The film raked in a whopping $192 million in its first weekend, according to Deadline. This week's Bullseye -- EW's hilariously witty back-of-book infographic featuring the week's hits or misses in pop culture -- really did hit the mark with Doctor Strange. Deadline wasn't the only publication detailing rave reviews about the new Marvel installation.

Following the advanced screening, Saturday's star-studded festivities began in the morning with panels from "Supernatural," the CW's DC superheroes and a hilarious musical number by Rachel Bloom and the cast of "My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend."

Heading into the afternoon, festival-goers got an extended first-look at the "Gilmore Girls" revival. Series creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, husband and Executive Producer of the show, Dan Palladino, discussed what is was like filming the sitcom and working Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham and the rest of the cast throughout the years. The two even revealed a few behind-the-scenes facts about production, set design and filming.

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Nov. 25 seriously cannot come fast enough because the revival is just as incredible as you all imagined it would be. If you need me, I'll be sitting in front of my TV wishing I had a cup of Luke's coffee to warm me up as I immerse myself into the quaint world of Stars Hollow.

As the final panels of the day finished up, performing outside on the Main Stage was Jake Miller, an up-and-coming pop rapper-singer-songwriter. Miller landed a spot on Fifth Harmony's 7/27 Tour this past summer, which launched his career into high-gear. Miller released his newest EP, Overnight, last month, and it has been a huge success since its release.

Following Miller, Hailee Steinfeld took the stage to discuss her new teen movie, "Edge of Seventeen." Steinfeld, who is still in her teens, shares that the film is a coming-of-age story that depicts real-life hardships and awkwardnesses that every teen faces growing up.

During her interview, Steinfeld explained that she wants people to watch the film and feel like they're not alone. After watching a sneak peek, I can definitely say that "Edge of Seventeen" is relatable on so many levels and will be sure to give you a good laugh.

Steinfeld closed out her Q&A session with a performance of her new song, "Starving." She also teased that she is working on a brand new album, which will most likely be followed by a tour.

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Heading into the evening, hip-hop rap newcomer, Lizzo, shut down the Main Stage in a Beyoncè slay-esque manner, opening up the performances for PopFest@Night. Lizzo is all about girl power and body positivity. She definitely had us feelin' "Good as Hell" during her set.

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Following Lizzo, another bad-ass chick, Janelle Monáe, hit the stage and absolutely killed it with her southern R&B charm. If you've never been to one of Monáe's concerts, you're in for a wild ride, because she puts on one hell of a show.

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Nick Jonas closed out the night with some of his classics, "Chains," "Levels" and "Close." He practically swept all of the screaming teenage girls in the audience off their feet. There truly is nothing better in this world than having Nick Jonas sing to you in skinny jeans while hip thrusting.

After all of the panels, screenings and performances on Saturday, I thought the weekend couldn't get any better -- but I was quickly proven wrong.

Sunday started out with the most stupefying panel of them all: "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterson dished on what it was like filming the next "Potter" series. The audience also got a first-look at the film -- and it is even more magical than it's set out to be.

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Redmayne and Waterson admitted that the cast received "official" wand lessons before they started filming. As it turns out, it takes more than a simple swish and flick to cast a spell. Now, that's one Hogwarts lesson I actually wouldn't mind attending!

Heading into the afternoon, "American Horror Story" and "Scream Queen" fans gathered together for a chat with Ryan Murphy and his A-list friends: Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kathy Bates, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Evan Peters.

Audience members got the 411 on Hannibal Hester (yes, Michele's character is based off Hannibal Lecter), what devious plans Chanel Oberlin and her minions have up their sleeves and what we can expect to see from Dean Cathy Munsch for the rest of the season.

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Murphy also talked with the "Roanoke" cast about the latest season of "AHS" thus far. Kathy Bates, aka The Butcher, talked about what it was like to run down Hollywood Blvd. dressed as The Butcher while holding a bloody meat cleaver.

Bates even did her infamous Butcher impersonation -- and it was even more convincing in person.

Murphy revealed that in a few seasons, a "Murder House" and "Coven" crossover will be taking place. Praising Murphy for his visionary talents, Roberts told Entertainment Weekly that she would follow him anywhere and would love to make her return as Madison Montgomery.

Knowing what Murphy is capable of producing, this crossover could possibly go down as the greatest AHS season yet.

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Later in the evening, fans came together for a live reading and an uncut preview of a never-before-aired episode of "Bob's Burgers." Seeing the cast members portray their characters IRL was definitely a surreal moment.

Did you know that all of the cast members are played by men, except for Louise's character, which is played by Kristen Schaal? Yea, I'm just as mind-blown as you are. Seeing John Roberts channel his inner Linda Belcher is something I will never forget.

Closing out the last panel of the festival was late-night television show host, James Corden. Delving into Corden's early career, the audience got a quick glimpse of his life pre-"Late Late Show" starring in the British broadway production of One Man, Two Guvnors.

During Corden's panel, Entertainment Weekly's Jess Cagle asked the London-native about his experiences with one of his most favored and talked about segments, Carpool Karaoke. Corden admits that the sing-alongs and interviews are one of the most fun things about his job.

Entertainment Weekly proceeded to play a clip of Adele's Carpool Karaoke, as Corden invited a select few fans on stage to belt out a few notes of Adele's "All I Ask." The entire room chimed in on this sing-along and it was by far one of the coolest things I've ever experienced.

All-in-all, Entertainment Weekly pulled off one of the hottest pop culture events of the year. They wholeheartedly captured just how much the entertainment industry has grown and diversified over the years.

If this is any indication as to what the future PopFest's will look like, I can't wait to see what incredible things come out of next year's festival.

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