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Top 10 Most European Male Names And What They Mean As Told By The Girl Who Studied Abroad

Because European culture is so different, even down to the names people choose for their children.

Top 10 Most European Male Names And What They Mean As Told By The Girl Who Studied Abroad

Because European culture is so different, even down to the names people choose for their children.

1. Tom

Is usually an office worker, wears a nice watch, and smells like he just walked out of a Calvin Klein photo shoot.

2. Vladimir

Has a heavy accent, usually blonde, wears ushanka, hates human interaction.

2. Olly/Ollie

Usually musically inclined, wears fascinators (because they are fascinating), usually has glasses that resemble librarian glasses- small and round.

3. Harry

Has great hair, ironically. Hangs out in front of art museums, has a killer singing voice, successful in music, doesn't like to hug strangers.

4. Henry

Meek and mild. Doesn't talk much, prefers to walk rather than take public transportation.

5. Leo

Works in a business office, dresses like a model, very tall, has no sense of humor.

6. Eoin (pronounced Owen)

There are no words to describe Eoin. After all, his name is spelled incorrectly.

7. Gonzalo 

Loves to grab a pint at 8:00 AM on a Tuesday, wears button up shirts and loafers, loves to meet new people (especially Americans)

8. Keiran

Always down to join Gonzalo in grabbing a pint, fancies blonde American women, and can eat his body weight in pizza from Da Mario's.

9. Luis

Loves to wear fascinators, striped shirts, and converse. Usually the man who tops up his Oyster card while running late, thus making him more late.

10. Phillipe

Has red hair, enjoys long walks through Hyde Park in London, and fancies high tea on any occasion alone. Extreme extrovert.

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