End Of The Semester As Told By Rick And Morty

End Of The Semester As Told By Rick And Morty

How long until winter break?


The end of the semester feels like a few things, and if anyone could describe it perfectly, it would be Rick and Morty.

1.) When you're out having fun with out friends, but realize that you have so much to do before the end of the semester.

2.) What is sleep anymore?

3.) Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

4.) Staying Up Late For Homework + Mental Breakdowns = College

5.) When You Have Had Enough Of College And Get To This Point

6.) The Last Two Weeks Are Just Too Much Sometimes

7.) When You Realize That You Have To Actually Adult

8.) College.

9.) On The Last Day Of Classes

10.) Get It Together.

11.) When You Don't Get The Grade You Deserve

12.) It's That Time.

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