I watched a Youtube video from the channel ScreenPrism. It analyzed the character Cinderella to conclude that she was not a damsel in distress, apparently something people thought of her as. The video and I are here to say that she was her own heroine, actually.

Through her determinism, her dream shining ever so brightly throughout the movie, and kindness, she lived a happily ever after. Since watching this, and their analyzation of Mulan, my idea of femininity grew stronger. The toughest people had the strongest hearts and sometimes not the strongest build. Wasn't that the message of "Hercules" by the way? I know I'm using Disney characters in this article, but they exemplified characteristics that make it safe to think that kids have these to look up to.

It's not to say that masculine traits are unnecessary. Mulan had a share of both: being courageous but at the same time empathetic; the world needs compassion and empathy, traits considered "feminine". The video shows that Cinderella is this being who, despite experiencing darkness, keeps her light bright and strong. Though the glass slipper may be fragile, it symbolizes her dreams. She had the other pair with her, emphasizing that she was in control. The stepmother tried to take her dreams away but failed because Cinderella's dreams were stronger. She remained compassionate, but she has traits that make her strong. The point is: don't be afraid to be sweet. The world needs kindness.

Ariana Grande's "God is a Woman" performance at the VMA's was iconic: that powerful ending with her standing on stage, with her grandmother and mother next to her- ICONIC. A powerful stand that says women are strong. This article is not saying that women are better. It does not mean to degrade men. It's to say that people hide feminine traits, but this needs to stop.

In a way, to be courageous is to love. Treat the world with compassion. I know you know this: America's not doing so well. It may not get better any time soon, but from what I've seen: compassion is so much stronger. Remember that quote from "Mulan" that says, "the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." We are all flowers; though growing in adverse soil, we continue to be beautiful.