E.L.F is closing their Stores

Bye Bye E.L.F Cosmetics

The closure of the store you probably never knew existed. Thankfully they’re still live online.


E.L.F cosmetics recently announced the closing of all 22 of their retail stores. Which comes as a shock unless you live outside of a major metropolitan area. Honestly this wouldn't have mattered much to me a few years back but sense visiting the ELF stores in Manhattan and Garden City, I was hooked. I loved going in there at a drop of a dime and leaving with a sack full of makeup plus free gift. They always had something extra if you spent over $25.

What To love

Look it's no secret that their products weren't high end but for the staples, E.L.F is my go to. I could always trust their face wipes, highlighters and brushes. Their matte lip pens are also like $6 so yes... three please.

Your money doesn't have that kind of mileage at Mac. spending $50 at E.L.F meant walking out with the whole store. The same at Mac is probably just one brush. One glorious, glorious brush that you'll cherish forever and ever.

While using the Kondo method to dispose of every fallen bristle, thank you for bringing me all of the joy… One brush... Also E.L.F's lip pens have sharpeners attached to the bottom.

No Big Surprise

E.L.F is just another casualty in the army of retail stores getting the hatchet. What really surprised me is that I received an email and the decision seemed so resolute. Some brands are casually closing stores slowly marching to their deaths.

I completely understand why they would do it, especially based in the success of brands like Kylie cosmetics and Fenty beauty. What's the point when most of their sales are online as well.

Future Fears

I hope it doesn't mean that the brand is going under. There's some shakeup in upper management and that's never a good sign. I hope it isn't the first step towards losing E.L.F forever. The brand's biggest pull for me is their price point. They're basically a drugstore brand but with higher quality products.

Although they're closing all stores they will continue working with their partners Walmart and Target so most people probably won't be affected at all. I'll definitely miss the stores because they carry hundreds of products compared to the handful sold at drugstores. But it's still less convenient than browsing the whole collection online.

What To Look Forward To

All I know and frankly care about when stored go under is sale and clearance. Look the competition's tough out there and we can't be over here picking favorites or mourning the past, RIP TOYS R US.

I want deals. The email did not specify if stores will have sales, but I'll still go check because I'm not one to miss out. They have offered a discount code with free shipping for online orders. So if you weren't aware of the full range of products ELF carries, now a good chance to find out.

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