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CNC Milling Machine Parts And Components

Electronic industry is development and production of electronic equipment and various electronic components, devices, apparatus, instruments, industry, which is a combination of military and civil industry. It is composed of broadcasting and television equipment, communication and navigation equipment, radar equipment, electronic computer, electronic components, electronic instruments and other special electronic equipment.

Our company has high precision CNC lathe and many years production experience, we can produce electronic components including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy. Therefore, accuracy of products can reach 0.01 mm, which is very important for electronic components.

As a manufacturer of metal precision electronic components, Ningbo Hewcho Industrial can customize unique electronic component solutions for you, including product materials, manufacturing processes, surface treatment, packaging solutions. Our manufacturing process adheres to ISO9001 quality system, regardless of customer's component size, we will strictly control quality of products to ensure that each product meets customer requirements.

Management characteristics

Rapid technological progress: since the production of electronic tubes in 1916,the radio industry has gone through the stages of electronic tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, large-scale and very large scale integration. Since the first electronic computer came out in 1946, computer technology has made rapid progress and is developing towards the direction of giant, micro, intelligent and network.

Wide range of application: electronic industrial products have entered to various fields if the national economy and people's living standards. Knowledge, technology and capital are intensive; High value-added products, good economic benefits; it has broken through the scope of manufacturing, forming software, services, information and other emerging industries; many countries put the development of electronic industry in a prominent position as a leading industry.

Product characteristics

1.The product belongs to the knowledge, the technology intensive product, with high content of the science and technology.

2. It is generally for automatic production line production with high automation production level.

3. The variety and model of product parts are complex, self-made and outsourced are equally important.

4. Fierce product competition, rapid upgrading, high investment in R & D of the products.

5.The products focus on energy conservation and environmental protection and are in line with international standards.

Characteristics of production management

Process production is a complete process of continuous processing and assembly of products from raw materials into parts and components assembly into products. This kind of process type of product production is widely adopted by many industries, such as electronics industry, machinery industry and chemical industry and so on.

Electronic components:

Mounting hardware

Protective enclosures

Radio components

Adapters and couplings

Audio components

Custom tools

Welcome to order custom machined parts from HEWCHO!

Ningbo Hewcho Industrial is a cnc stamping parts manufacturer, we provide carbon steel components, cold forging parts, cnc turned components, milling parts, turned parts china and etc. Contact us to know buy cheap electronic parts and buy cheap electronic components.


Welcome to order custom machined parts from HEWCHO!

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