The Teacher Certification Track As Told By 'Stranger Things'
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Student Life

The Teacher Certification Track As Told By 'Stranger Things'

The world will always need passionate, hard-working teachers!

The Teacher Certification Track As Told By 'Stranger Things'

Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to be a teacher. And while every class of the certification track has presented new (and sometimes intimidating) challenges, I feel closer and closer to my life-long dream every step of the way.

So if you're someone like me who is certifying to be a teacher, these are 10 experiences that you will relate to!

1. Things are smooth sailing when you first start out.

When you first decide to pursue education, everything seems fun and easy! What could be better than working with kids, running your own classroom, and studying your favorite subject?

2. But right away, things start to get intense.

You quickly learn that there's much more to education than what initially meets the eye. You have to study theory, psychology, hands-on application, and the behind-the-scenes work that teachers invest into every single school day.

3. Before long, you discover lesson plans.

And they feel like the most impossible task. How are you suppose to plan a meaningful outcome, thorough and engaging assessments, minute-by-minute activities, and differentiate your instruction for an entire school year?

4. And in the midst of it all, someone reminds you that the pay wont be great.

Because the last thing that you need is constant negativity from people. Their complaints may be minor, but you're tired of the reminders.

5. Thankfully, your passion for education keeps you working hard.

As you work your way through the courses, you learn to focus your energy into what you love to do. You want to make a difference in children's lives, and that's all that really matters!

6. Eventually, you start your field work in public schools.

Sure, talking hypothetically about classroom life might seem easy enough. But once you start your field work in schools, it hits you: these kids are real students who depend on your guidance for their learning and growth. Your responsibility is massive.

7. You try your best to be assertive even though you're still a child.

Sometimes, the job feels intimidating. You're usually only a few year older than your students, and if you're like me, then you're pretty short in comparison!

8. And the workload can be exhausting.

In addition to your own school work and classes, you're also in charge of analyzing and helping with others. It can feel like a lot!

9. But even though you feel like a hot mess from time to time...

Since the education track is all about discovering your strengths and weaknesses, you won't always feel successful 100% of the time.

10. At the end of the day, you're doing what you love (and you're probably doing it well)!

So keep it up! Because the world will always need passionate, hard-working teachers.

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