Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas
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7 Sustainable Gifts For The Friends In Your Life Who Love The Planet

Because the holidays don't have to be bad for the planet.

7 Sustainable Gifts For The Friends In Your Life Who Love The Planet

Christmas gets a bad rap for being a pretty wasteful holiday. For good reason. The sheer amount of plastic that goes into the toys that children will get bored of in just a few weeks and the wrapping paper that can't be recycled equate to a lot of damage done. However, just because it's the holidays doesn't mean you too have to make the same gifting decisions. By making an effort to gift something that is not terrible for the planet, you are making a difference.

Reusable straws/silverware

Reusable products are all the rage currently. If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves the planet and hates the effects of plastic production, consider gifting them reusable utensils to help them avoid adding to the plastic waste we produce every day. This is the perfect gift for anyone on your list who is just starting to try and live a greener lifestyle.

A homemade gift

Homemade gifts are extra meaningful to the receivers. Not only are you able to create a unique item they wouldn't be able to buy themselves in a store, but you are also making a more green choice in your sustainable efforts. If you love to craft, don't be afraid to get creative and make something you know your friend will love.

Upcycled objects

These days you can find a multitude of things made from recycled plastic products online. Upcycled gifts range from phone cases to stationary and give you a lot of options when it comes to the desired gift. Reusable objects tend to be a little pricier and harder to find, but the effect and appreciation of your eco-conscious friend are sure to make it worth the extra effort.

A succulent

Plants are a great gift for anyone trying to cut down on the material objects they own that are harmful to the environment. Gifting plants also allows you the unique opportunity to customize the gift and get a little creative in the plant and pot customization abilities.

A gift card to their favorite sustainable brand

Brands that make an effort to try and be sustainable typically cost a lot more money. Because of this, a gift card to your friends favorite sustainable brand is a great way to help them invest in goods that are a lot less impactful on the environment. Gift cards have a reputation for being not very personal, but by making the effort to find out where they like to shop it actually becomes a pretty thoughtful gift.

A glass water bottle

Plastic water bottles are extremely wasteful. Help your eco-conscious friend make a difference by gifting them a reusable glass bottle this holiday season. Not only will it help save the earth, but there are a ton of options on the market that will make finding a bottle they will love a breeze.

Items from an eco-friendly beauty brand

If your green friend loves beauty products but hasn't explored some of the popular eco-friendly brands, Christmas is the perfect time to introduce them to a whole other side of beauty. These products range from having sustainable packaging to being cruelty-free, and you will more than likely be able to find something you know your friend will love.

Bonus: Instead of traditional gift wrap this holiday season, make an effort to wrap your gifts in something that can be recycled!

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