8 Eco-Friendly Health & Beauty Items To Buy Next Time You Go Shopping
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8 Eco-Friendly Health & Beauty Items To Buy Next Time You Go Shopping

Looking for some high-quality and durable healthy & beauty items? Look no further. (Bonus: they're all eco-friendly!!)

8 Eco-Friendly Health & Beauty Items To Buy Next Time You Go Shopping

Lately, I've been doing a lot of research on ways to make my beauty routine more eco-friendly. The more I dig, the more I find that these products are better for me and last longer. Here's what I found:

Glass Nail File and Buffer

This glass nail file is perfect for both filing nails and shining them. With opposite rough and smooth sides, each is optimal for its job. It's made of nano glass so that it is gentler on nails and doesn't scratch them. Although looking at it, it might seem a little expensive, it's important to remember that this product will last SO much longer than foam files. Since using this, I find myself painting my nails less because they're shinier on their own.

​Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bars

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has long been hailed a remarkable home remedy. When it comes to hair, ACV can defrizz, reduce bad bacteria, and restore vitamins to your hair. As someone with curly hair, I live by it. I will warn to be careful not to use it everyday, it can dry out your hair simply because it is acidic. This particular shampoo bar is supposedly gentle enough to even be used on colored hair!

Reusable Cotton Rounds

Cotton rounds are great for removing makeup at the end of the day, and these ones are even better. Since they're made of organic cotton, they're super gentle on your skin. Once you use them, just throw them in the laundry (in a bag so you don't lose them!) and wash them. Then, congratulations! You have ten new cotton rounds!

Cleansing Scrubber

These latex-free scrubbers are amazing to wash your face with. They're flexible enough to get around your nose and the contours of your cheekbones. The little scrubber bristles provide a deep clean for your pores and even exfoliate a little. Since I've started using it (I pair it with Neutrogena Gentle Facial Cleanser), my breakouts are practically nonexistent and my face is softer.

Lip Balm

Cut out the destructive potential of lip balm by cutting out the plastic tube they come in. Alo Goods delivers all-natural, it-really-does-work lip balm in a metal tin to cut out that unnecessary plastic. They have three different flavors, each associated with a different vibe (Pure (pictured above), Calm, Peppy). When you use up all the balm you can either recycle or reuse the tin! I've found they're the perfect size for paperclips or hair ties/bobby pins. If you want a lip balm that comes with a completely compostable package, check out EcoRoots' Zero Waste Lip Balm.

Bamboo Toothbrush

One billion plastic toothbrushes will be thrown away this year. One billion. These bamboo toothbrushes allow you to do your part with compostable toothbrushes that won't choke a fish. AND they do the same job as plastic toothbrushes, there's no teeth cleaning difference. EcoRoots only sells them in a set of four, but there are several other platforms where you can get them in single or two packs (here's a single pack and a two pack).

Safety Razor

Just like plastic toothbrushes, plastic razors are polluting our ecosystem. A product we use for ten minutes a day can take up to 450 years to decompose and is dangerous to our health and the health of the environment throughout the whole process. Do you really want to be responsible for the plastic that is killing dolphins long after you're dead? I didn't think so. Now, with safety razors, there is a safety factor. Safety razors need their razors replaced, just like with plastic ones, so you need to be careful changing them. Handling sharp razors is not something to do while still waiting for your first cup of coffee so while I argue safety razors are an amazing way to cut out waste, be careful changing the blades or ask for help.

Tooth Suds

Okay, bear with me here! I know it looks weird, but there's nothing but good here. Tooth powders, a popular alternative to squeeze toothpaste, don't contain soap. Shredded tooth suds are just awkward to use. Tooth suds in a bar allow you to suds up your toothbrush with toothpaste and use with no mess and no waste. The pros and cons of using charcoal toothpaste are debated, but I promise you there are other flavors you can buy! Alo Goods also has unflavored and citrus/mint. Your flavor choice is your preference, but tooth suds are an all-around good choice.

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