Eco-Conscious People Using Flowers as Self-Care Therapy
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Eco-Conscious People Using Flowers as Self-Care Therapy

Flowers as Self-Care Therapy

Flowers as Self-Care Therapy

Flowers have always been associated with feelings of happiness and calmness, but recent studies have shown that there is a significant relationship between the visual aesthetics of flowers and the chemical reaction of the brain.

In simpler terms, the brain reacts in a positive manner when it encounters visual stimulation caused by the sight of flowers. In this article, we'll go into the details of how eco-conscious people have started using flowers as therapy, popularly termed as floral therapy, and how the benefits of keeping flowers around have extended to the field of therapy and self-care.

Floral Therapy

For those of you who are unacquainted with the term, floral therapy refers to the intentional use of flowers and flower decor, where people keep flowers in and around their vicinity as a means of enabling the brain to produce calming and happy chemicals that are usually a direct response to the sight of flowers. This practice is currently trending in self-care therapy, as people have started experimenting with just how effective flowers are when it comes to regulating one's moods. We'll get into the details in the next section.

Flower Colors and Therapy

Floral therapy can be broken down into very specific practices that help alleviate stress and anxiety by using flowers as a remedy. One of these aspects is through choosing the right color of flowers to set the right mood. For example, there are certain colors that trigger certain emotions in you. Red might be associated with passion, while blue is typically connected with sadness and melancholy. Thus, surrounding oneself with the right colors can be an important part of bettering your mental and emotional health.

Here's where flowers play a role. There are certain colors of flowers that have been proven to significantly increase one's positivity and happiness. Floral therapy suggests incorporating these color schemes in your flower arrangements to make the atmosphere around you stimulate happiness and contentment within you.

Leatrice Eiseman is a renowned color specialist whose focus is set on studying flower colors and their effects on the individual. She believes that the color of the bloom can affect the mood of the individual, making it a means of uplifting one's moods when surrounded by the right flowers.

Usually, pastel flowers that come in shades of white and pink are said to be evocative of happiness and relaxation and can be used as a great way to enhance your mood when you're in your home or office. Simply surround yourself with lush blooms that make you feel relaxed and calm each time you look at them.

Flower Arrangements and Therapy

Apart from the color of the flowers, the arrangement of it also plays a role according to floral therapy. Eiseman believes that humans react to flowers in an extremely emotional way, making it essential to focus on both the color and form of the flowers one is surrounded with.

Pink pastels, creamy whites, warm yellows, and bright oranges can trigger emotions of compassion and happiness simply by themselves, but when arranged together with warm-hued green ferns and leaves can have a greater impact on the mental reaction of the individual. This is why flowers have always been people's go-to gift for ages, as the type, color, and arrangement of flowers can make one feel a number of emotions ranging from compassion to ecstasy.


We've already seen why flowers are extensively used in therapy recently. However, even if you aren't looking for therapeutic help and benefits, having flowers around your home and office can still be a great mood-uplifter as it will help your brain stay focused while being happy and calm throughout the day.

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