Stop Saying A Person's Major Is Easy

A few weeks ago, a girl came up to me while I was working on homework and mentioned how I shouldn't have homework because of my major choice. I quickly turned to her explained the research project that I was working on, how the teacher grades and that I am a double major anyways and this was my 'easy major' that I was working on at the moment.

Since I have decided to pursue my journalism career, I have been told how my major of choice would be easy which is completely inaccurate. While my major may not require the highest level of science or math classes, it does require other things. For example, very detailed projects due about every two weeks for just one class. Being a journalism major also requires a lot of effort in the research area of the field.

My current roommates are all completely different types of majors. I am a journalism and applied behavioral science major, one is an art major, one is a music major and the other is an architectural engineering major. Some nights one of us has a ton of homework, some nights we all have lots of homework, and other nights none of us have anything to do.

I think that it is very offensive when someone says how much easier a different major would be. Each one has its own challenges and they are all obviously important for the career or you wouldn't need to go to college for it. It is easy to look at someone who seems to never be doing homework and think that his or her major is easy, but the truth is, you do not see them 24/7. I am sure that each major has times when they are busy with things that need to be turned in and when they have a bit of a slower week.

I, for one, cannot count how many nights I have been up past midnight to work on a project even though I had been working on it for a week ahead of time. Each major is difficult in its own way. Some majors may have projects due and some may have tests every week. College is not a breeze for anyone.

So next time that you are thinking of expressing to someone that his or her major is easy, that you would gladly trade them majors, or think that they 'never have homework' remember that you do not see it all. You do not know the challenges that the other major faces.

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