East Windsor, New Jersey Swears In New Officials On New Year's Day
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East Windsor, New Jersey Mayor And Town Council Get Sworn In On New Year's Day

Mayor Janice Mironov and members of the town council spend New Year's Day taking the oath of office.

East Windsor, New Jersey Mayor And Town Council Get Sworn In On New Year's Day
Photo by Jeremy Wall

East Windsor, New Jersey wasn't just celebrating a new year. Mayor Janice Mironov and the town council were sworn in on January 1, 2020, after winning in the November election and defeating Republicans Paul K. Hempel Jr, Vincent Stottlmyer, Anne Lustenberg, and Steven Uccio, as Patch.com reported.

Mironov was sworn in along with council members John Zeller, Denise Daniels, Perry Shapiro, Peter Yeager, and Alan Rosenberg. This will be her 25th year running the town.

"I am honored by the confidence demonstrated by voters by the overwhelming support in the November election and by my colleagues, and commit to work hard as mayor to maintain that trust," said Mironov.

According to the town's website, in her over two decades as mayor of the Mercer County community, Mironov has been known for her responsible financial stewardship, significant municipal bond rating upgrade, and high-quality services from the police department, public works, to recreation programs, as well as senior services. Thanks to Mironov's strong economic development leadership, businesses such as Aurobindo, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Modway, a furniture distributor, an LG Electronics distribution center, and other companies, have called East Windsor home.

"As mayor, we are hands-on and pro-active in the attraction, retention, and expansion of new businesses which is a high township priority, providing tax revenues, new jobs, and shopping opportunities for our community," she said.

Her involvement with the community goes beyond being mayor. In addition to being in charge of the town, Mironov is a member of the town's planning board, Municipal Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse, as well as trustee for its Green Space Inc, host of "Spotlight East Windsor", a show on the town's cable access channel, East Windsor's Economic Development Committee and Clean Communities Advisory Committee Council liaison, and more.

The swearing-in ceremony didn't just attract residents and local politicians. Religious leaders such as Congregation Beth Chaim Rabbi Adena Blum stopped by to see Mironov and the town council take an oath and say a special prayer, prior to it.

"We gather here at the beginning of the new year for this ritual," said Blum. The Congregation Beth Chaim Rabbi is an East Windsor resident as well as a local religious leader who was invited by Mironov to the ceremony.

"It is typical at an occasion such as this that a religious leader would share words of blessing at the beginning and sometimes the end," said Blum. "It was a unique piece I compiled for the event."

The town council and community also welcomed Peter Yeager as deputy mayor. Yeager was a councilman who like other council members, has been East Windsor's deputy mayor before. He was nominated for the position replacing Marc Lippman, who held that position prior. Yeager will be deputy mayor while Lippman will return to being a councilman for the town. Lippman was absent from the event, due to a family matter.

Other politicians who attended included Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo, Mercer County Freeholder Lucylle Walter, Senator Linda Greenstein, and Mercer County Sheriff Jack Kemler.

The mayor also took the time to recognize volunteers who have done things for the town.

"We appreciate all the service from everybody young and old," she said.

For all things happening in East Windsor, residents are encouraged to check out its website.

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