You don't need to break the bank to self-care. These budget-friendly drugstore products are no joke.

Target “Smells Like a Blossom” hand or body soap — $1

Target recently came out with a line of beautifully scented soaps, all beginning with "Smells Like." If you're into soap that smells like you've fallen asleep in a garden, "Smells Like a Blossom" is your pick.

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-in Conditioner — $15

Though the price on this item is pretty high, the effect that it's going to have on your hair will change your mind. Everyone needs to invest in a good post-condition, and no matter your hair type, you'll see that this one really does seem to work miracles.

Almay Day Eye Cream — $8

Not only does this eye cream feel amazing on the mornings when your eyes are tired, but it works throughout the day to reduce lines and under-eye bags, leaving your skin flawless!

Eco Tools Beauty Blender Sponge — $6

A makeup tool that's great for the environment and works better than anything else? Sign me up!

Elf "Blemish Control” Skin Primer — $6

There's no point to applying a face of makeup if you aren't primed first. You risk clogging your pores and looking patchy all day! This primer fights breakout while keeping your makeup intact. It's the best.

Elf 16-Hour Camo Concealer — $5

Alright, I lied. THIS is the best. This concealer stays on through thick and thin and has the power to cover even the most stubborn imperfections. Its price and quality are unbeatable, too.

Elf clickable Eyebrow Pencil — $2

A wise person once said, "If your eyebrows aren't on point, neither will be your day," and Elf agrees. This budget-friendly eyebrow pencil is definitely going to surprise you.

Milani Lipstick — $8

Milani is one of my favorite makeup brands. They seem to never fail to disappoint. Milani lipstick is long-wearing without even talking about it.

Maybelline 24-Hour Lip Color — $10

If you're looking for the longest wearing drugstore foundation, you've found it. Maybelline 24-Hour doesn't mess around. Plus, they offer 20+ shades.