Do's And Don'ts For College Freshman
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Student Life

Do's And Don'ts For College Freshman

Tips to make your first year go swimmingly

Do's And Don'ts For College Freshman

With move in day about a month away, it's about that time for students to start getting into school mode again. That means buying books, doing some creeping on, and stocking up on food and cleaning supplies. For returns the beginning of the semester brings joy as you get to meet up with old friends, but for incoming freshman, there are a bunch of unanswered questions. Move in day can be a stressful time, and I'm here to help prepare the youths for college life. So here's my do's and don'ts guide for incoming freshman.


1)Get to know the people around you during the first week of school

The majority of your time will be spent in your room, so make acquaintances with those around you.Leave your door open the first day and walk around to meet new people. You're going to be seeing them a lot so might as well get friendly with them early on instead of waiting til January to say hello.

2) Show up to class

One of the perks of college is the freedom, no more being forced to go to classes. However, you are paying hundreds of dollars for each class, so to get the most bang for your buck it is essential you go to class. Also, some professors have an attendance grade so it can only help to show up every class.

3) Study!!!

In high school it was cool to show up to a test and tell the person next to you "I didn't study for this at all", and yeah you may have received an A or B on the test and thought you were the nicest thing since slice bread. In college if you don't study you're more than likely to get a bad grade.

4) Get involved on campus

College is too long to spend your days doing the same thing over and over again. To break up the monotonous days of going to class, studying, and watching Netflix. Try finding something to do on campus whether it be through athletics, clubs, or jobs.

5) Get familiar with the library

With lots of distractions it's often difficult to get work done. Sometimes it's important to get away from it all. Just go to the quite floor of the library, put some headphones in and get to work. The paper that you thought would take 3 hours only takes 2. In the end you'll have more free time.


1) Brag about stupid things

Nobody wants to hang out with the kid that solely talks about how much he can drink, and how cool he was in high school. We get it, you were football captain, high school president and prom king, guess what you're at the same school as me now, so does it really matter? Please continue to tell me about how drunk you got last night and how you woke up without a hangover.

2) Spend all your money on takeout

Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of pizza, wings and chinese food, but I've learned that all those takeout orders add up. If you have a meal plan, use it. If not go to the grocery store buy some healthy food and make your own meals. They'll be healthier and better for you and your wallet in the long run.

3) Forget about your parents

Being alone may be new to you, but not having you in the house is new to your parents too. They may not always admit it, but they miss having you around. It's importance to ask them about their day, and share how you're doing because they care about your well being.

4) Schedule 8am's if possible

We all have that thought that since you woke up early in high school you'll be able to wake up early for college classes. Wrong, beyond popular believe waking up is in fact the hardest thing in the morning.

5) Panic

College is a time to discover who you are, and what you want to do. You are going to have some lows along the way, but in the end you have four years to figure things out.

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